Women Hair Transplant in malviya nagar

Women Hair Transplant in Malviya Nagar

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Women give utter importance to their hair care. But it stresses them a lot when they start losing hair. If you are looking for Women Hair Transplant in malviya nagar, then we, at Panacea Global Hair Services, give you the best possible treatment with the help of world-class surgeons and latest technology.

Know who can get this facility

Since men make a good candidate to get hair transplant surgery for their baldness, women they can also avail the same. But as per our expert’s research only 2% to 5% of women with hair loss can get the benefit from Women Hair Transplant.

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We aim to provide the Best Hair Transplant in malviya nagar and to make this possible our experts take a lot of interest in bringing up latest technologies. We conduct research and surveys, and based upon that we provide treatments. Visit us soon to get treatment as per your need.

Surgical Skill Required MDFI Advanced at Panacea Global Bio FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) FUT (Strip Procedure)
Not recommended
Who performs it Only performed by few highly skilled surgeons Mostly beginners and less experienced Both beginners and experienced
Results Nearly 100% Variable Variable
Punch size Always less than 0.6-0.8 mm 0.9 mm to 1.2 mm Scalpel(knife) method
Donor site healing Fastest because 25-30% less trauma Faster than strip method 2-3 weeks
Donor site scarring No Scars No linear scar 20-25 cm long scar
Transection rates Less than 2% 8-10% Never measured(variable)
Density Upto 90-100 Follicle/sq cm 70-75 Follicle/sq cm 25-40 FU/sqcm
Single session capacity More than 4000-4500 Follicle 3500-4000 Follicle 2500-3500 FU

No Scars, No Stitching, 25 Yr Warranty on Hair Transplant

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Awarded Best Hair Transplant Clinic in malviya nagar

Awarded Best Hair Transplant Clinic in malviya nagar

Say Good Bye to Baldness

Performed by Team of Highly Experienced Surgeons /TRICHOLOGIST - Leaders of The Field

No Stiches

No Scars, No Stitches

No Side Effects

No Side Effects


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