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Maximum density follicular implant

Maximum density follicular implant

Maximum density follicular implant (MDFI) is a new technique that has helped several people across globe to overcome baldness.

The process encompasses implantation of follicular units to ensure larger germination of hair follicles. It offers array of advantages to the patient such as minimally invasive, virtually pain free, no bleeding and no scarring, reduces healing time of the donor site, less follicle damage during harvest, early recovery of the individual, hairs can be taken from other parts of the body such as chest and beard.

MDFI has natural results and is highly affordable. So, if you are scouting for simple and easy way to regain your hair growth the MDFI is one way to accomplish it. At Panacea Global Hair Services, industry experts avow best medical treatment as per industry standards and assure brilliant results. The success rate of the treatment has been explicable astounding and has widely garnered traction of several individuals suffering from baldness.

No Scars, No Stitching, 25 Yr Warranty on Hair Transplant