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Safe Procedure
Safe Procedure

We have a team of well-experienced dermatologists who always ensure to provide a safe and secure procedure

Complete Painless Process
Painless Process

We hope to provide a culture of care. Also, every extraction procedure is done by our staff of specialists

Natural Growth
Natural Growth

After the surgery, the patient receives natural growth along with lifetime healthy hair growth.

Professional Team
Professional Team

We have a staff of well trained medical doctors who frequently aim to deliver personalized guidance.

Most Number of Successful Hair Transplant Results


Panacea Global Hair Services is known for providing the Top Hair Transplant in Delhi, done by professional hair surgeons. Let’s our Hair Transplant specialists in Delhi guide you through restoring your lost hair.

We all love styling up and trying out to apply styling products on our hair. But due to hair loss, most of us have become extra cautious. Hair is the most important part of our personality and we all want thick and beautiful hair. Almost every one of us is afraid of losing hair, but thanks to Panacea's best hair transplant, you don’t have to be scared anymore. Our hair specialists deliver amazing results & help you find yourself again.

Are you looking for a trusted Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi? We all know that India is the second-most populous country in the world and its capital is New Delhi. It has a vast history and a new-age of medical facilities. Many people around the world travel here for Hair Transplant Treatment in Delhi. People came from many under-developed countries because of hair transplant costs. 

Hair fall has become a very common issue lately. This might happen due to the problem of increasing pollution in the environment, climate change, and unhealthy way of living. If you are worried about your hair and want to regain your hair, then Hair Transplant in New Delhi is a good option for you.

Hair Transplant: Hair transplant surgery is basically a procedure of taking hair from an area that is not affected by the hair fall where there is hair thinning or baldness. On the other hand, Hair transplant is gradually more common for a cosmetic procedure to move hair from one part of the scalp to another area that is thin or bald. 

Hair loss has traditionally been associated as a sign of aging. Sometimes, it can happen no matter how old you are. Baldness problems can generally happen at the age of 50 in men and in women happen at the age of 40 plus. Hair transplant is the permanent solution to look very smart with heavy and thick hair.

Fue Hair Transplant In Delhi

Follicular unit extraction technique

Fue (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a surgical technique in which individual hair or follicular units are removed one at a time from the posterior donor harvesting site. In this method, small circular punches (1.0 mm) are used to remove the individual follicular units from the back of the scalp and then the harvested follicular units are reimplanted back into the scalp in the balding areas of recipient.

For the FUE hair transplantation, the surgeon needs to possess the higher skill sets so as to perform the procedure successfully. We at Panacea have the experienced, qualified and skilled professionals that have the record of many successful surgeries.

Explore the Advanced Technology to Treat Your Bald Head

FUE technique yields best outcomes consistently in terms of natural-looking hairline, hair density, & it abolishes donor linear scarring.

This generic condition of hair loss results in frontal hairline, balding of the crown, and temple points. The good thing is that with the specialized hair surgeon just like in Panacea the benefits from FUE results in a natural hairline.

Why Choose Panacea For Fue Hair Transplant?

At Panacea, we perform all the hair restoration procedures under the supervision of rich experienced physician. Our physicians are highly skilled in the natural graft placement process in which we recreate the patient’s hairline while keeping with their original hair growth pattern to provide them 100% natural-looking appearance.

What are the Benefits of Choosing Us for FUE Procedure?

  • Permanent & natural-looking results
  • Simple outpatient procedure
  • No stitches, No Pain
  • Fast recovery
  • State-of-the-art minimally invasive technique



BIO-FUE is the biotechnology procedure and the latest version of FUE. It is the most trending and most popular hair restoration method used worldwide by the best hair transplant doctors. In this process, there is less chance of human error as machines are utilized in the extraction procedure of follicles from the donor area due to which error scope decreases and efficiency increases.

Bio-Fue at Panacea:

If you are opting for BIO-FUE procedure at Panacea, you can rest assured for the best promising results. We at Panacea, being the top BIO-FUE Hair Transplantation in Delhi understand that quality of graft varies from person to person. 1 follicular unit of hair may contain one hair follicle, two or three hair follicles in it. Here, our knowledgeable specialists calculate grafts for a person as per the type of his or her hair follicle and ultimately we get perfect output for the grafts calculation.

In case of BIO-FUE, there is less wastage of involved hair follicles as it is a direct process. The extracted hair follicles from the donor are grafted directly in the recipient area.

Advantages of BIO FUE

BIO FUE procedure has many benefits for patients including:

  • Improved hair texture
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Stimulates healing at donor as well as recipient areas
  • Accelerate the stem cells of the implanted hair to control the hair fall and to attain full coverage

What is Maximum Density Follicular Implant (MDFI)?

Maximum Density Follicular Implant

Maximum Density Follicular Implants is the new trend technique in the world for hair transplant. In this you can achieve maximum hair density as soon as possible with Follicular Unit Hair Transplant in Delhi. We at Panacea, precisely use the grafts process to provide excellent output quickly. 30-40 follicular at a per square centimeter is implanted usually in the hair transplant process. But the number of follicular units is increased by double in case of MDFI. Thus, the density of maximum 70-80 follicular units at a per square centimeter.

What is the process for doing MDFI treatments?

The bald skin from the head can be covered by their maximum number of follicles & grafts units. But the desired results are obtained by doing dense pricking into each graft which can be manually transplanted on each microincision one by one with the help of specific instruments. This will help to keep away destroying of the vital structure of each hair graft.

Are You Facing The Problem of Hair Loss?

Hair Loss Treatment

Dense hair adds charm to your look but what if hair loss problem occurs? Additionally decreasing new hair growth and slowly root out all your hair make your skull complete baldness. According to statistics, every 4 out of 10 people are struggling with hair fall.

Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi

We at Panacea provide the perfect solution to cure hair loss completely. Our doctors have in-depth field in the domain and will give the right treatment for the reason causing your baldness. We will ensure to repair your hair right from the root. Our hair loss treatment includes hair fall treatment, PRP therapy, derma roller, laser hair loss treatment, mesotherapy for hair loss.

Why Choose Panacea?

Panacea is a one-stop solution for all your hair fall worries. There are various factors that causes hair fall and our professional treat every case differently depending upon the reason and the situation of the hairs. We have the expertise in regrowing your lost hair and help you to attain stylish appearance with our outstanding skills. Get in touch with us to enquire more.

Get the Best Quote Regarding Hair Transplant Cost

Hair Transplant Cost

When we think of a hair transplant surgery then the first thing that strikes our mind is the cost. We often think how much does it cost? Nowadays many clinics offer cheap hair transplant service and people take their services without exactly knowing the end results. They actually compromise on the cost by providing the low quality services.

But at Panacea, we strive for the ensuring the excellent hair transplantation. Our professionals never compromise with quality. We make it simple, easy, and affordable for you to get the hair plantation done safely in our clinic while maintaining the international set of quality standard.

Avail Best Services in an Affordable Cost

Actually, the hair transplantation cost may vary depending upon the various factors such as: artistic skills of the surgeon, technique used, the number of grafts required, hygiene and safety standards, graft damage rate etc. If you want to avail from our hair transplant surgery then contact us immediately, we will give you the right consultation and discuss with you the accurate cost involved in the process after analyzing your case in detail.

We have experienced and in-house plastic and cosmetic surgeon in our clinic who is committed for providing the outstanding hair transplant results in a cost-effective manner.

Patients' Video Testimonials

Best Hair Transplant in Delhi

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi

Panacea Global Hair & Skin Services is a leading hair and skin clinic that provides top-notch services to help you look and feel your best. The team of experts at our clinic offers the Best Hair Transplant in Delhi. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering personalized solutions that cater to your unique needs. We understand the importance of healthy hair and skin. That's why we offer a wide range of services that are designed to help you achieve your desired look. 

Hair transplant procedure has become more common these days. Our Hair Transplant Surgeons at Panacea are expert in treating hair loss in men & women. Our hair restoration surgeons have advanced experience in treating male pattern baldness with ultimate perfection. You can ask for All your treatments are performed under the most reasonable Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi.

Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi NCR

Our services include hair transplants, restoration, skin rejuvenation, anti-aging treatments, and more. We offer the best transplant services as the top Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi NCR. Our team of experts uses the latest techniques and technology to deliver exceptional results. We believe in providing a holistic approach to beauty and wellness, which is why we also offer nutritional counseling and lifestyle advice to help you maintain the results. We are passionate about helping our clients feel confident and beautiful. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable environment, where you can feel at ease and confident throughout your journey. 

Hair Transplant Clinic in India

We prioritize your safety and adhere to the highest hygiene and safety protocols standards. Whether you're dealing with hair loss, aging skin, or simply looking for a way to enhance your natural beauty, our clinic is here to help. Our team of experts offers the best transplant services as the most trusted Hair Transplant Clinic in India. Our goal is to help you achieve the best version of yourself, both inside and out. If you're looking for a hair and skin clinic that you can trust, look no further than Panacea Global. Book your appointment today and let us help you achieve your beauty goals.

How to Choose the Top Hair Transplant In Delhi NCR?

Panacea Global Hair Services is counted among the Top Hair Transplant in Delhithat help many individuals struggling with hair loss or baldness. Hair loss can cause distress in anyone's life. It also affects people's confidence, causing them to become dissatisfied when their hair starts to fall out. So if you are searching for a trusted Hair Transplant in New Delhi, look no further than Panacea Global Hair Services.

We are dedicated to helping patients in restoring their lost hair professionally and quickly. We provide a wide range of Hair Transplant Treatments in Delhi such as FUE Hair Transplant, Body Hair Transplant, Beard Hair Transplant, Women Hair Transplant, Hair Fall Treatment, Maximum density follicular implant, and Bio FUE Hair Transplant. Each treatment at Panacea Global Hair Services is performed by complete diagnosis and analysis of the patient's scalp condition. Our hair care treatment is carried out by doctors who have extensive years of experience in this field.

Our highly skilled doctors pay close attention to every detail and completely investigate the root cause of the hair loss before recommending the course of treatments to a person. Moreover, we are equipped with modern technology and techniques that help you to get a natural hair appearance with the least discomfort and cost.

Techniques of Hair Transplant Surgery:

This is a question for every individual that what would be the best hair restoration techniques or methods for them. Hair Transplantation Treatment techniques are done under the supervision of a physician. Our experts suggested the top things to consider while getting Hair Transplant Treatment which can help you to get a safe and secure restoration at best cos. Also check There are two types of Hair Restoration Method given below:

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) Method: FUT performed by expert Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi is an older technique. It involves the physician numbing the scalp then removing the strip of tissue that contains multiple follicular units from the back or sides of your head where the hair is naturally fuller or less prone to baldness.

After that, the surgeon creates a small hole they are making drawing on their skill in your scalp where you want more hair. These holes are called recipient sites. They are chosen to give you the best outcome carefully. Then, the individual follicular units are generally placed in the recipient sites in the same direction.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Method: FUE Hair Transplant is the latest technique. This surgery is opted for by most of the expert doctors. This process of removing hair grafts from the donor area then implanted on the bald area by using a stereomicroscope. The benefits of this FUE Hair Transplant method that the fast application of hair growth have made it more popular than the FUT method. In this technique, the grafts are taken from the donor area and implanted in channels around 0.7/0.8mm with no cuttings or a skin band.

Getting Top Hair Transplant in Delhi, Go with a reasearch and book consultation with expert surgeons. Before going for FUE Treatment in Delhi you need to know that Follicular units contain one - four hair that is placed in the front hairline. While the 1-4hair units are placed at the top of your head. This will give you natural-looking hair. Don't be soo late contact Panacea Global Hair Services and get Best Hair Transplant in Delhi NCR. We provide the most effective transplant services at reasonable prices. These services are ideal for those who are self-conscious about their appearance and are considering cosmetic treatments to improve the look of their hair. You can contact us to know the Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi.

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Awarded Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi

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No Scars, No Stitches

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No Side Effects

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25 Year Guarantee

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1 Year Free Support

Our Hair Transplant and Restoration Services

FUE Hair Transplant

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Maximum density follicular implants is a latest trend in hair transplant which implants maximum hair density as ib the fastest way.

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Hair Loss Treatment

Our leading world-class facility offers the best hair loss treatment. We provide customized treatment as every hair loss case is unique.

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Laser Hair Loss Treatment

Laser hair loss treatment is a safe & less invasive process that revitalized your circulation & stimulation to encourage your hair ....

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Body Hair Transplant

Body Hair Transplant is a process of using scalp hair to transplant hair commonly to the chest or abdomen area, and any other desired area.

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Hair Transplant Repair

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PRP Therapy

PRP is a technique that involves substances drawn from your blood & injected in your scalp to heal follicles for better hair growth.

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Why Is The Panacea Global Hair Services a Top Hair Transplant Clinic?

Hair is the most important aspect of our appearance, and it is essential to take good care of it. Hair loss is a condition that can make you feel frustrated and less confident about yourself. It is a condition that affects both men and women. If you are looking for a solution to revitalize your hair and regain your self-confidence, Panacea Global Hair & Skin Services is the best option.

Our clinic is staffed with a team of highly skilled professionals and surgeons who are trained to handle all types of hair loss issues. Whether you are looking for a hair transplant or any other treatment, our surgeons are the best and they provide the best treatment. At Panacea, we use the latest technology and equipment in order to provide the best services to our esteemed clients.

  • Treatments that are both extremely effective and have been demonstrated to be safe and effective in clinical trials
  • Comprehensively personalized treatments for combating hair loss that take into account the patient's unique skin and medical history.
  • Highly skilled and experienced surgeons who are well-trained with the latest methods and technologies.
  • Natural-looking results with minimally invasive techniques that reduce downtime and scarring.
  • A state-of-the-art facility with cutting-edge technology that guarantees flawless hair transplants.
  • Procedures that are supported by the most advanced technology and extensive scientific research.
  • A variety of hair loss treatments for treating numerous types of baldness patterns.
  • Reliable and economical hair loss treatment clinic that provides the best quality of services.

Why Choose Panacea

Why Choose Panacea
Why Choose Panacea
Why Choose Panacea
Why Choose Panacea
Why Choose Panacea
Why Choose Panacea
Honors and Recognition

Panacea Global Hair Services is one of the most trusted clinics that retains massive popularity across the nation to fulfill the demands of their clients. Further, for our tireless work in this particular industry, we get magnificent recognition on various award platforms. Now, we are heading to listing our acknowledged work

Best Skin Clinic in North India

We got this award title for our immense work from the Bollywood beauty Mrs. Sonali Bendre.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi

We are proud to get recognition and respectful honor from evergreen diva Mrs. Raveena Tandon.

Rising Leadership Award

We won this award from the most magnificent personality named Karisma Kapoor

Best Hair Transplant Provider of the Year:

With years of offering top-notch services, we got this honor from Miss India Neha Dhupia.

Best Hair Transplant In Delhi - FAQs

Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure to treat Male Pattern Baldness and Female Pattern Baldness in which we extract hair grafts (bunch of hair) from the donor areas like backside of the scalp , beard , chest , etc and then those grafts are implanted to the bald area or the area affected by hair loss.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method of hair transplant is the most successful form of hair restoration solution. This will leave minimal scarring and most of the people will have a successful transplant. The benefits of this method that the fast application of hair growth have made it more popular than the FUT method.

Yes, It is the most successful procedure performed by Panacea Global Hair Services as we the Best Hair Transplant in Delhi. It is more successful and long-lasting than popular hair regrowth products and medications.

The results of a Hair Transplant are permanent because the hair which is transplanted to the bald area is the hair that is extracted from the permanent zones which are the back sides like the scalp, beard, chest, shoulders, etc. Also, we offer the Best Hair Transplant Price in Delhi. Also, at Panacea Global Hair & Skin Services we provide a 25-year written assurance for patient satisfaction.

You are a good candidate for the Best Hair Transplant in Delhi if you have stable hair loss, sufficient donor hair, and realistic expectations for the results. It's best to consult a hair transplant specialist for a comprehensive evaluation.

 The benefits of a hair transplant initiated at the Top Hair Transplant in Delhi can include:
  • Improving hair density and restoring a natural-looking hairline
  • Providing a permanent solution to hair loss
  • Boosting self-confidence and self-esteem
Aftercare is an important part of the hair transplant process and can impact the success of the transplant. Generally, aftercare instructions at Hair Transplant in New Delhi include:
  • Avoiding physical activity for a certain period of time
  • Taking care when washing and brushing the hair
  • Keeping the scalp clean and moisturized
  • Following a prescribed medication regimen
The level of experience of Hair Transplant Surgeons in Delhi can also vary. It's important to choose a qualified and experienced surgeon to ensure the best results. You can ask for before-and-after photos, check the surgeon's credentials, and ask for references.
A Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure to treat Male Pattern Baldness and Female Pattern Baldness in which we extract hair grafts (a bunch of hair) from the donor areas like the back side of the scalp, beard, chest, etc and then those grafts are implanted to the bald area or the area affected by hair loss.
The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method of hair transplant is the most successful form of hair restoration solution. This will leave minimal scarring and most people will have a successful transplant. We are the Top Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi that certainly delivers accurate results in every surgery. The benefit of this method is that the fast application of hair growth has made it more popular than the FUT method.
We at Panacea Global Hair Services offer our wide range of hair transplantation procedures in a cost-effective solution. So, contact us now and get the best guidance. 

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