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Hair transplant cost

Hamilton – Norwood Scale(Grade of Baldness) Number of grafts required Suggested Treatment Number of sittings Pricing
Grade 1 - Hair Loss Treatments 4-5 Sessions of Hair Loss Treatments Calculate Cost
Grade 2 1500-2000 Hair Transplant 1 Calculate Cost
Grade 2A 2000-2200 Hair Transplant 1 Calculate Cost
Grade 3 2500-3000 Hair Transplant 1/2 Calculate Cost
Grade 3A 3000-3500 Hair Transplant 2 Calculate Cost
Grade 3V> 3500-4000 Hair Transplant 2 Calculate Cost
Grade 4 4000-4200 Hair Transplant 2 Calculate Cost
Grade 4A 4000-4200 Hair Transplant 2 Calculate Cost
Grade 5 4200-4500 Hair Transplant 2 Calculate Cost
Grade 5A 4500-5000 Hair Transplant 3 Calculate Cost
Grade 6 5000-5500 Hair Transplant 3/4 Calculate Cost
Grade 7 5500-6000 Hair Transplant 3/4 Calculate Cost
Hair transplant cost in Delhi

What is the EMI option?

We have two EMI options. 

EMI on Credit Card: This option includes no down payment and a monthly EMI of Rs. 5999 for 12 months. The negative of this scheme is that your card limit must exceed the surgery amount and will be blocked till the amount is cleared.

EMI with Let's MD: You do not need a credit card for this option. Only a down payment of 1 to 3 months depending upon loan tenure. Your documents required such as UID, PAN Card, Bank Statement, Salary Slips, Electricity Bill/Rent Agreement.

Get the Best Quote Regarding Cheapest Hair Transplant

By gone are the days when hair treatment and transplant costed a fortune. Today, hair transplant is dime a dozen and easily affordable. With technological evolution, hair treatments have become completely inexpensive which has led several people across the globe derive its benefits. People from all walks of life can get back their younger and beautiful through hair transplantation.

If you are scouting for any particular hair treatment and transplantation, you can associate with the team of experts at Panacea Global Hair Services. Different treatments are pegged at different rates in accord with the technique and methodology encompassed in the process.

Know The Exact Hair Transplant Cost - Get a Customized Estimate

Whenever you talk about hair transplant an impression naturally comes to your mind about the price. Usually, the rates that you know are really high. However, we will be giving you the entire package at a moderate and easily affordable cost. You can treat this to be our specialty - actually that is not. The latest technologies when used in hair transplantation reduces the cost to a great level. Thus we are not providing the support at a low cost, but we deliver the support at the actual price. Now, this can be treated as a specialty of ours.

Transplantation price depends on a few things - age of yours, a baldness percentage of your head and scalp and fertility ratio; you have in your cells. Thus, give us your age details to get a rough estimate, but to know the actual amount you need to pay, a consultation is most essential at this stage. Whatever the case might be, one thing is very much assured - the costliest treatment of us is at least half of your estimate about Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi. So, do not make delay to reach us. When we are there, there is no need to roam about with your bald head.

No Scars, No Stitching, 25 Yr Warranty on Hair Transplant

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Awarded Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi

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No Side Effects


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