Myths About FUE Explained

In case you are someone coming to terms with the horrific realization that your hairline is receding then you may be looking for ways to get that hair back where it belongs as well. Right now, you would be busy reading up on the various methods of hair transplant. Well, in that case it is always better that you choose follicular unit extraction or FUE, which is regarded by many as the finest way of filling up the pate. Yes, like any other aspect of life, follicular unit extraction comes with its pros and cons as well and it is always better that you read up on them so that you have a good idea as to what you are getting into. For starters the process itself is quite expensive and it can take up a fair bit of time as well. Let’s unravel more about FUE Hair Transplant – i.e. its truth

Why Does It Work?

The best thing about follicular unit extraction though is that when you get it done by a skilled and experienced surgeon it can work wonders for your receding hairline. In fact, it is known to be the most effective form of hair transplant as far as users are concerned. The high rate of user satisfaction and the high rankings accorded by consumers to this process give such an indication. This form of hair transplant also happens to be the newest member of its fraternity and as such it has still a fair distance to go in terms of recognition as well as people’s awareness regarding the same. This also means that there are going to be a few misconceptions regarding this form of treatment among people. It is very important that they are addressed properly- and of course, done away with.

Myth #1

One of the false accusations leveled against follicular unit extraction is that its hair yield is not as good as strip surgery. Well, you would see a lot of people who in life have gone for strip surgery only to be disappointed by the results. They have then attempted to undergo follicular unit extraction treatments and have been satisfied by the results. The truth in this case is that the yield in case of any hair transplant treatment depends on the skills of the hair transplant surgeon in question.

Myth #2

One of the most-common myths about follicular unit extraction is that it leaves a major scar – a big straight one at that – in the donor area much like what strip surgery does. Well, the truth is that it does leave scars but they are small and round ones, and not the big and large ones that people would have you believe. In case of strip surgery, a surgeon has to cut a horizontal part of the scalp. This is normally done in the lower back area in your head. The entire operation is done in such a way that it is bound to leave a scar and patients who have undergone strip surgery have no option but to maintain long hair. Otherwise they risk showing such a big scar. However, in case of follicular unit extraction the scars – as has been said before – are small and round. As such, they make no difference from a cosmetic standpoint.

Myth #3

One of the popular myths about follicular unit extraction is that you cannot do it on a large-scale basis. As far as strip surgery is concerned, 5000 to 6000 hair grafts can be harvested. In some cases however you need more than the said number of transplants. In case of follicular unit extraction you can harvest hair from other areas of your body. In strip surgery a certain area is always targeted for the purpose of the surgery. However, in case of follicular unit extraction such a thing is not applicable.

Ease of extraction

In case of this kind of surgery it is possible to get hair from behind the ear as well as from the nape. This performs several functions at once – it increases the donor supply, and the quality of hair shafts can be used as well in order to rebuild hair lines in such a way that they look natural. This way, surgeons are also able to use the very best in terms of quality of hair for the surgical procedures. These days, a new form of follicular unit extraction has come into play. This one is called uGraft.  


 In this process surgeons are able to use hair from any part of the body and graft it onto one’s hair. The advantage of body hair is that it can easily act as a supplement to the donor supply from the head in a significant manner. This means, even if you are seriously bald your hair can still be restored. On the Nortwood Scale this would measure at about 6 or 7, which is not something to be scoffed at. In case of hair transplant from body hair from the following parts of the body can be used:

  • Chest
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Nape
  • Stomach
  • Beard

History of body hair transplant

The first-ever hair transplant was done on a bald individual who had severe hair issues. It was performed at a renowned clinic and 8000 grafts were used for the process of restoration. It has normally been seen that follicular unit extraction that uses beard hair is the best choice as far as hair loss treatment is concerned. It even works in cases where the concerned patient is severely bald.  Follicular unit extraction can really give you results that are stunning to say the least.

Role of the doctor

As has been said earlier as well, it all depends on how skilled and experienced the concerned doctor is, as far as results of follicular unit extraction are concerned. This is why before you make any decision in this regard do research well and find out who is the best surgeon for hair transplant available to you. Consider each and every factor that could be important in this regard and once you have thought it over properly enough should you come to a decision as such.