5 Possible Causes of Hair Loss Problem

5 Possible Causes of Hair Loss Problem

Men are more likely to suffer from hair loss problem due to a male pattern of baldness. Women also suffer from this problem. Reasons may vary like the deficiency of vitamins which is an underlying issue of health. In many circumstances, there are ways for treating the difficulty for both men and women. It depends on the reasons. Let us know some reasons behind this:

Pregnancy can Worsen the Problem

Pregnancy is a good example of physical stress which is one of the important Causes of Hair Loss. After the delivery of the baby, this problem can be worsened among the women. It is quite normal in this time and your hair will grow again within a couple of months. If the problem is worsened, it is suggested to contact a good doctor as soon as possible.

Too Much Physical Stress

Any type of physical pressure such as a car accident, surgery, and a serious illness can cause this difficulty. This way a kind of this issue, called telogen effluvium can be triggered. Your hair can have a normal life cycle, rest phase, growth phase and shedding phase. During a stressful event, cycles are shocked and the trouble can be noticed with 3 months of the event.

Excessive Use of Vitamin A

According to the experts, higher use of Vitamin A can worsen the problem. So it is recommended to consult with a reputed physician to know how much vitamin 'A' you should take every day.

Male Pattern Baldness

Most male encounter this problem by the age of 60. This issue is caused by a few male sex hormones and genes. Some oral medicines are available to address this trouble. Hair Transplant Surgery can also solve the trouble effectively. The grafts are transplanted to facilitate growth.

Lack of Protein

Having not enough protein in your diet can be one of the vital causes of hair loss. According to the doctors, your body stops the growth of the hair due to lack of protein.

The trouble begins after a couple of months of reduced protein intake. You may search on the Internet to know about the possible reasons of this trouble.

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