Facts You Must Know About Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is actually borrowing those hair roots and planting them on the bald areas. Actually, the process is done through technical way as people are born with dual kind of hairs. One is sensitive hairs and the other one is long lasting ones. The hairs which are there in front and top comes under the category of sensitive hairs. The hairs which are there at the back of the head are typically the nonsensitive ones.

All The Hair Can Be Transferred From The Non-Sensitive Area?

If you plan to transfer the entire hair from the non-sensitive part then it will automatically create a bald patch on that place. You can also able to implant the hair from the other part of the hair; though these are not long lasting and might fall later. You can also able to add your body hair or beard hair if matches with the texture. A company of Best Hair Transplant in Delhi can suggest you with the best option.

Good Quality Hair Is Required For Hair Transplant

We just can’t forget about the quality of the hair when it is about hair transplant. If not then the outcome of the procedure will not as expected. The person who will undergo the treatment must prepare before such hair transplant system. It is better to consume a lot of vitamins, antioxidants, iron, calcium; lotions so that the hair comes in proper growing phase and after that only start the transplantation from the best hair transplant in Delhi.

Who Cannot Undergo Such Treatment?

People who have poor quality hair roots cannot undergo such treatment. If the hair is damaged then it will affect the hair more. People who need to do their hair transplant treatments must care their hair more before the treatments get started. People who have a tendency of thinning hair should not opt for this treatment. The patient’s hair will look worse after the completion of the treatment.

Post Care of Hair Transplantation

People who undergo this transplantation must also take care of their hare after the surgery is done. They must apply vitamin oil and lotion to the hair to keep the root of the hair strong.