Hair Transplantation - A Complete Solution Of Hair Loss Problems

When people suffer from hair loss problems the first treatment that comes to their mind is hair transplantation. This is a painless surgery done by a set of a specialist. The surgery process involves the transplantation or movement of the hair follicle from the donor site to the recipient site of the body. The bald zone in your body is called the recipient site whereas the zone from where you graft the follicles are the donor site. Follicles of hair are zone and moved by the unit to fill the bald zone. Though this is a very simple method to re-grow hair feel your baldness, people think twice before doing it. This is a highly effective method and with advanced technologies, it has become cost effective as well.

Know The Experts Of Hair Transplantation:

Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi have a group of eminent specialists to perform different types of hair transplantation. Various categories of transplant surgeries require various levels of expertise. Below are three categories of transplant that are performed in Hair transplant clinic of Delhi –

  1. FUT Transplant or Follicular Unit Transplant – This is a very basi level transplant that can be performed by averagely skilled specialists. Punching follicles in this method are done by the scalpel or the knife method. The process takes 2 -3 weeks to complete and leaves behind a scar of 20-25 cm. With this method, you can expect around 25-40 FU/


  1. Bio Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) - This one also requires basic skill and can be performed by beginners also. Here the punching size is almost 0.9 – 1.2mm. This is quite fast and doesn’t leave any linear scar. You can expect a follicle density of 70-75 FU/sqc.m in this case.


  1. The Advances MDFI Transplant – This is the most advanced method and calls for highly skilled specialists. The punch size in this is even smaller of about 0.6-0.8 mm. This is probably the fastest method with only 25% trauma. This surgery doesn’t leave behind any kind of scars. You get a density of 90-100 FU/