Permanent Solution To Hair Loss In Delhi

Permanent Solution To Hair Loss In Delhi

From time immemorial, hair loss has been a great problem for all, especially for women. Males too are a victim of this embarrassing issue, leading to complete baldness. Whenever the symptoms of hair loss like thinning of hair, too much hair fall is notice; people either do not care or start caring overtly which ultimately leads to depression and stress. To stop this problem, consult with the dermatologists in Delhi. The Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi is carried out scientifically, with the help of the latest apparatus and under the consultation of expert doctors of this field.

Reasons for Hair Loss

  • Pregnancy is of course a good sign but a deadening cause of hair loss. After the baby’s delivery, the problem might get into an acute level for some. But gradually, growth of new hair is noticed.
  • Any kind of physical pressure can be harmful for your hair. Generally, the life cycle of a hair passes through a number of phases – rest phase, growth phase and shedding phase. But if any kind of distortion triggers in between, there is imbalance in the cycle and trouble will occur within 3 months of the accident.
  • Higher the use of vitamin A, less is the number of retained hair on the scalp. It is better to take the consultation of a doctor for the amount of Vitamin A to be taken in.
  • The typical male baldness, noticed in most males, after the age of 60. This is caused due to certain hormones and genes. Also, few oral medicines are the cause of such a disastrous effect.
  • Another important cause of hair loss is the lack of a balanced diet. More specifically, the dearth of protein stops the growth of hair.

Variety Of Treatments

Apart from the normal hair fall treatment with hair scanning and medication, there have evolved a lot more technology based hair loss treatment in Delhi, permanent solution to all hair problems. One of them is PRP or the palate rich plasma therapy, which restores back the hair roots into the scalp. Another is the derma roller process using short needles to augment and regenerate new hair. Next is the widely known laser hair loss treatment that helps in smooth blood circulation in the scalp. Mesotherapy is a new addition to the list that not only fights back hair loss, but also delays baldness for both male and female.

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