Look Young with Good Hair through Transplantation

Losing hair is a milestone many of us face early in life. This puts paid to the opportunities that young people get. The bald men and women lose many chances for promotion or for joining in the party because they look old.

Contact the hair transplant clinic

To remedy this situation, we have the Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi. This is the place where bald people can get a new lease on life. The hair surgeon helps the bald men get new hair growth through a proven technique using plasma rich protein. This is the growth factor that stimulates the growth of hair.

If you observe the head of a bald person, you see there is more hair growth on the back of the head. The hair in the front has fallen out. This is because the growth factor in the back is good while it is weak in the front of the head. To remedy this situation the hair surgeons, withdraw the growth factor from the back of the head and inject it into the front of the head.

They inject this factor along with hair follicles so that after the surgery the front of the head looks full of hair. But, this hair will fall out and after six months, new hair begins to grow. This is the real hair that will make the person look youthful again.

Cost and density of the hair

You can contact the Hair Transplant in Delhi to know more about the process and discuss the costs. In the normal case, each graft of the hair transplant costs 30-45 INR depending on the situation.

The surgeon will transplant 3000-4000 grafts in one sitting. Each graft has 1-3 hair follicles. A hair with a hair density of 30-40 hair follicles will look good while the attractive head will have 90 or more hair follicles per square cm. You will have to go for more sittings if you wish to have denser hair.