The Dynamics of Follicular Unit Extraction Understanding the Process

 The hair restoration process has different methods. And each method has different advantages. One of the most popular hair transplant methods is the Follicular Unit Extraction. A lot of people opt for this FUE hair transplant and there are plenty of benefits of the same.

The hair transplant procedure was developed in order to keep the risks of hair extraction minimum and to make sure that patients no longer have to deal with any sort of after treatment troubles such as major scarring and pain. The process exactly does what it promises and there are plenty of benefits of using the same. The best thing is FUE Hair Transplant cost, procedure and results all are equally satisfactory and suits everyone’s needs.

What is FUE?

FUE or the Follicular Unit Extractions is basically a hair transplant or a hair restoration process that helps your re-grow your hair more naturally. The process is done by extracting a strip of hair from the back or the side of your head and then it is grafted in your bald area. It is basically a sub division of Follicular Unit Hair Transplant procedure; only more subtle and better. The FUE Hair Transplant cost, procedure and results differ based on various aspects.

The benefits

Among all the hair treatments, the FUE is one of the most popular ones. There are tons of benefits of the same; let’s look out for a few of them –

  • The benefit of absence of Linear Scar – One of the biggest reasons people prefer the FUE treatment to any other treatments is that because other treatments leave behind visible scar marks and it looks really appalling. However, FUE doesn’t let you feel uncomfortable about the same because the treatment doesn’t leave any sort of marks on your scalp or your head. It looks absolutely normal.

  • The wound heals fast – The FUE method requires a shorter amount of healing time than the other treatments. As the method doesn’t use any sort of sutures or scalpel, the patients hardly take 7-10 days of recovery.