Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi

 Hair transplantation has become a popular way to fight hair loss problem. Some might hesitate about the high cost of the procedure. We will give you an overall idea of what will be the Hair Transplant Cost In Delhi.

What are the factors that decide the hair transplant cost in Delhi?

Hair transplant cost in Delhi depends on several factors. Some of them are

1. The type of procedure selected for the hair transplant surgery plays a vital role in deciding the cost of the hair transplant. FUT is less expensive than FUE. But FUE is a scar-free and pain-free procedure.

2. The experience of the doctor performing the surgery. More the experience, more the surgery cost. It is better to opt for an experienced surgeon to have the best hair transplant treatment.

3. The facilities offered by the hair transplant center. Luxury facilities will incur more price for the procedure. A well-equipped hospital will treat the patient with utmost comfort.

4. The price of the hair transplant treatments varies depending on the hair condition, age, etc., of the patient.

5. A number of grafts needed for the hair transplant. The number of grafts required for each patient differs. Hence, the cost per graft structure is beneficial to the patients.

The total cost of the hair transplant surgery = Cost/Graft x Total Number of grafts.

6. A grade of baldness decides the pricing of the hair transplant. In the top hair transplant in Delhi like Panacea, they have grades ranging from Grade 1 to Grade 7 where Grade 7 marks the highest amount of baldness.

7. Most hair transplants will charge on “per graft” basis rather than “per hair” basis. Most of the grafts will include 2 or 3 hairs. A 1000 grafts will contain over 2500 hairs on average.

If you choose the reputed hair transplant in Delhi like Panacea, you can get hair transplantation at the best price with exciting offers.