Check Out Your Eligibility from The Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi

Most of the men and women with hair loss problem can undergo a hair transplant procedure. There are some of the factors to consider before committing to hair transplant surgery. If you visit the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi like Panacea, they will examine some of the factors of the patients as a precaution. Let’s discuss them.


Hair loss pattern will not fully complete within 30 years of age. If a hair transplant is undergone early, multiple surgeries are required in future to cover up the hair loss pattern. If the patient is young, the doctor will suggest treatment other than hair transplant to coup up with hair loss.

The density of hair and scalp tightness

Hair density should be checked before going for hair transplant treatment. To take hair follicles from the donor area, the person should have high density hair on the sides and the back of the head. Hair density depends upon a number of hairs per hair follicle. To undergo hair transplant, the patient’s scalp should not be tight. If the scalp is tighter, it will be harder to perform the hair transplant. Also, donor strips will be thinner.

General health condition

Though hair transplant is a minor procedure, it necessary to check the overall health condition of the patient to avoid risks during the surgery. The Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi will ask for a full health check-up before going for the surgery to ensure the safety of the patient. ECG will be taken often to examine the heart condition of the patient. Patients with diabetes and blood thinning medicines should be given special hair loss treatment plan.

Visit the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi like Panacea and get checked whether you are a suitable candidate for the hair transplantation.