Which FUE Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi Can Give Full Coverage

The main concern of many patients with hair loss problem is whether they can get full hair coverage. Though there are many hair transplant treatments, FUE (Follicular Unit (Hair) Extraction) procedure is said to be more effective. It has more success rate. Let’s find out what the FUE hair transplant clinics in Delhi say about the results of FUE.

An important fact about FUE

Even the skilled doctor cannot create new hair or new follicle. A practitioner can only remove the hair from the thick area of the head and implant into the area where the hair is less.

How much hair can be implanted by the FUE method?

It is necessary to understand why the doctors take use donor hair from the back or sides of the patient’s head to do the transplantation. The donor area is resistant to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone hormone). This hormone is responsible for the male baldness. It is hard to lose hair from the donor area since it has more hair density than other areas. A follicular unit includes 1 to 5 hair strands. There are 9 to 120 units or 100 to 250 hairs per square centimeter on average. Approximately a third of all the follicles might be extracted from the donor area. In FUE technique, maximum 6600 units are used to cover the extensive baldness in a patient.

How best coverage is planned?

The doctor does not use 6600 grafts at once. The patient has to go for several sessions for the transplant. Experienced doctors from the best FUE Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi like Panacea will plan carefully and decide how grafts should be removed and implanted so that there is the best coverage. Also, the doctor should be careful not to create bald spots on the donor area. It is advised to go to the best doctor to undergo this tricky procedure.