Everything You Need to Know About Hair Restoration Process

Why bother anymore on hair loss? There are lots that you need to do about hair loss if you want to follow the home remedies. There are several things that people suggest, but one does not know which one is effective. There are several methods that make the process easier. There is of course not the home made remedies, but are scientifically proven methods. So, while one is going through excessive hair fall, they may look forward to the hair restoration procedures as an answer to their search.

What Involves the Surgery?

The process is surgical. It involves removing the hair follicles from the body which is termed as the donor site. This follicle is then surgically placed in the bald area or the area that is undergoing hair loss. This site is called the recipient site.

Who Is More Prone to This Treatment Process?

This kind of surgery is more common in men than in women. The male suffering from male pattern baldness can undergo this process of treatment. After the grafts are carried on a person, there are fewer chances of his balding again.

Where Else Can the Treatment Be Done?

Not only hair on the head but a person, who is having lesser hair on the eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, etc., can restore them easily. This causes little to no scars on the treated area.

The Types of Treatment That One Can Undergo-

Strip harvesting- A strip of the scalp is removed. That strip is then dissected and placed on the recipient site. The surgeons also remove the fatty tissues to avoid any damage. It's a bit less used now as this process leaves a scar on the person.

 Follicular Unit Extraction

The Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE removes the individual follicles. They are then placed in groups of 1 to 4. The person is given local anesthesia, so he or she does not feel the pain. This process is the most effective. There are also no scars, and the recovery is fast. This hair restoration treatment can be done in a single session or small multiple sessions according to the needs of the person.

 Follicular Unit Transplant

This one is commonly known as FUT.  This method involves cutting the strip of the skin in a linear pattern from the back of the head. The strip much like the strip method is dissected into individual grafts. They are then placed in the recipient site.

Among all these the FUE is a more efficient method than the others. The results can be seenfast, and the recovery happens soon. One can return home after the treatment happens. There are very few chances that they would feel any pain on their scalp. The results would be a much younger look. So, if one is tired of their hair fall, they should take for the hair restoration process to see better results. The only thing that they need to care about is that they should keep the area clean and free from bacteria and fungus. The treated person should follow the instructions of the doctor.

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