Remedies for dry hair

A dry hair is void of moisture and is very brittle. This makes hair look dull and often faces problems like hair breakage and hair fall. According to the best hair transplant doctors in Delhi, there are many reasons that cause dry hair including nutritional deficiencies and usage of harsh products. However, there are several home remedies to treat dry hair. Panacea hair services tells you how:

Hot oils

One of the best home remedies for dry hair is to use olive oil. You can mix some olive oil in a tablespoon of coconut oil, almond oil and castor oil. These are rich in its antioxidants and provides with instant results. Remember to keep the oil warm and massage it into hair. Keep it for around an hour or two before washing off.

Beer as hair conditioner

This may surprise many of you, but beer is an excellent hair conditioner. It contains proteins that can help to repair hair cuticles. These in turn helps your hair be more smooth and shiny. Today beer shampoo and conditioners are widely available in the market. You can make your own by mixing few drops of beer with a mild conditioner.

Avoid harsh products

One of the main reasons for hair to become dry is the usage of harsh products. Avoid using shampoo’s that contain harmful chemicals like sulphate. Don’t use shampoo’s more than once or twice a week. Remember that hair needs to be treated gently. Avoiding the use of heating appliances would also make a huge difference to minimize the dryness of hair.

There are many more remedies that one can try out. However, don’t make your hair an experimenting object by trying everything. If the problem persists you can always consult a good physician. There are best physicians for hair loss treatment in Noida and they can help you out.