Get Good Hair Growth with Quality Hair transplant

While waiting for life to blossom, the hair fades away! This is the story of many young people and they become ‘old’ in their teens. Is it going to stop life for them? Yes, it will unless they take action. A bald person gets left behind, in social events, at the workplace, and in your family circles also. Nobody will stop to look or wait for a bald person.


Get the cure for baldness

But now, there is a cure for baldness. It is possible to get hair loss treatment at the Delhi hair clinics so that the bald person is no longer bald. But before we look at the hair transplant operation, let us investigate the other hair loss treatment options. 


Use the Laser treatment option

Of the many options available, Laser Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi is the most popular for one reason. It is non-invasive and fast. Though each session in the treatment is spaced by three to four weeks from each other, this method produces results that are discernible and permanent. This means that if you undergo this treatment method, you are assured of new hair growth.


Check the Mesotherapy method

The second most popular method is Mesotherapy. Many people adopt this because of its efficacy. A rich mixture of herbs and vitamins are spread into the scalp. This will stimulate the growth factors at the root of the hair so that you will have new hair growth within a short time. It will take 2-3 months to find progression in this method. 


Another option is Derma Roller

Derma Roller is another method where a drum having sharp needles on its circumference is rolled on the head of the individual. The hair expert at the Hair Loss Treatment Clinic in Delhi will tell you about the condition of your scalp and advise you about the best action to follow. This will depend on the degree of baldness and the condition of the scalp. 


Opt for hair transplant

As the last option, you can choose the hair transplant method. This is expensive with prices starting at ₹35,000 and going further up. In the hair transplant, the hair surgeon will remove hair grafts from the growth-rich areas and transfer them to the bald regions. This is a time-consuming process because transferring 1,500 to 2,000 hair grafts will take 4 hours.

If the person is completely bald, then he will need at least 3,000 grafts. So, he will have to do some for two sittings at least. These sittings must remain spaced apart from each other by at least two months. Each hair graft costs ₹50 - ₹100. The hair loss clinic offers an EMI payment method in collaboration with your bank. 

Having easy payment methods and the best hair loss treatment is helpful because you needn’t wait any longer. Make sure you decide at the earliest and fix your appointment because you deserve to enjoy life.