How to Make Your Hair Thick and Shiny Naturally

Lustrous hair is a lifelong asset. It keeps you beautiful and attractive through years of physical transformation. But not everybody is blessed with good hair since birth, nor can everyone keep their beautiful hair for life. Disease and degradation get in the way, and we end up losing much of the locks we so prized once. But there is no reason to feel devastated. Premature hair loss is a lifestyle syndrome that every second person has these days. The good news is, it is reversible with hair transplant in South Delhi. We will talk about that in a minute, but with that, we will also go over the other ways of making hair glossy and thick naturally.

Hair Transplant Procedures

The only way to undo the damages of balding is to go for a hair transplant. As promising as the procedure of hair transplant is, it also scares a lot of people. A hair transplant is an invasive procedure that involves the relocation of hair follicles from the back of the scalp to the bald parts. If you are in serious need of a transplant, but can’t seem to have the courage to go for it, choose the FUE technique at a good hair transplant clinic in South Delhi. The FUE method of hair transplant is minimally invasive and has a very short downtime. 

A Balance Diet 

To make sure that your transplanted hair has full support to regrow, you need to keep on a balanced diet. The concept of a balanced diet often confuses people. They end up eating too much of one thing and too little of the other. A balanced diet is one that contains items from all food groups in necessary amounts. In order to make your hair bouncy and beautiful, you need to have a biotin-rich food, but that does not mean that you will eat only bananas and walnuts and forget about other nutrients like proteins and vitamins. They are equally important to the growth of beautiful hair.


Hydration is another thing that often takes a backseat in the busy lifestyles of today. No matter how busy your work keeps you, make it a point to drink at least 7 tall glasses of water every day, and that’s discounting the coffee you may be chugging all day long to keep you on your feet. Drink plenty of fluids, including homemade fruit juices and coconut water. Staying hydrated is synonymous with good hair and good skin. 


While you keep yourself well-fed and well-hydrated, do not forget about the exercise part. Find time to work out every day, if only for 30 minutes. If you don’t have time to hit the gym, go running in the morning or swimming in the evening. The idea is to stay fit and healthy. 

Chemical-Free Products

Give up all chemical products today and switch to natural and organic ones. Chemical products harm hair and skin worse than you would imagine. Natural products, on the other hand, may not produce instant results, but they give hair the best kind of protection and nourishment possible in the long run.