How to Attain Faster Hair Growth

How to Attain Faster Hair Growth

Longer and shiny hair is everyone’s dream but attaining them needs some careful practices. As the hair care experts at a reputed hair-loss treatment clinic in Delhi, we are going to share some amazing tips which can be very helpful to those who are disappointed with their current rate of hair growth and wish to see their hair growing faster. Refer the following points and practice as suggested to get bouncy and longer hair.

Nourish your hair through nutritional diet: For hair growth, internal nourishment is more important than the external application of various hair-care products. You need to feed your hair from inside by eating protein-rich foods like nuts, beans, fish and whole grains. Along with protein, we recommend adding certain vitamins like A, C, and E, and some minerals like iron, zinc and omega-3n fatty acids in your diet to help your hair grow faster.

Avoid using shampoo on a daily basis: Many people like to use shampoo on a daily basis to clean their hair. Such practices wash the natural oil present in the hair too. These natural oils are essential for better hair-health, so use shampoo on hair for two to three times weekly. Allow the hair to hydrate and repair itself with the virtue of the natural oil.

Trim your hair frequently: It may sound a bit conflicting but ‘trimming helps hair growth’. Actually, trimming them gets rid of split ends that cause breakage of hair. By removing such causes that hinders the hair growth, you encourage the growth of a healthy fraction of hair. It not only improves the look but also improves the shine, volume, and smoothness of your hair.

Do not brush your wet hair: Be careful and gentle while you brush your wet hair. Hair is highly prone to breakage when it's wet. Dry up your scalp with a soft towel and prefer using combs with broader teeth after the shower. Be gentle while combing your hair especially if there is any knot. Take ample amounts of time to comb your hair.

Sleep on silk pillow: Sleeping itself is good for overall health and hence, for the hair too and using a silk pillow makes it better for your hair. Silk is smooth material and remains gentle on hair even in pressure situations. This smoothness helps in avoiding their breakage and tangling. And less hair breakage means longer and thicker hair.

There are many other ways and practices to follow for better hair growth. Consult the experts at the Panacea Hair services, a well-known center to avail laser hair-loss treatment in Delhi and ensure the best conditions for your hair through their expertise and experience. Let us make your hair grow not only longer but thicker, shinier and stronger too.

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