All about The Hair Transplant Cost

If you are planning for hair Transplantation, People are thinking one of the biggest issues on their mind is definitely this. How much cost for a hair transplant? Most definitely, the response is a lot less than you think. Panacea Global hair transplant clinic in Delhi offers the most affordable hair restoration treatments for patients with unwanted hair loss, conducted by highly skilled surgeons using the most innovative technology, resulting in the highest quality performance.

The days are gone when hair care and transplant cost are high. Today, hair transplantation is a dime a dozen and easy to afford. With technological evolution, hair treatments have become totally affordable, contributing to the gain of many people around the globe. Via hair transplantation, people from all walks of life will get back their younger and lovely ones.

You can meet up with the team of experts at Panacea Global Hair Services. If you are scouting for any unique hair treatment and transplant. In accordance with the procedure and methodology used in the process, various treatments are pegged at distinct rates.

Panacea Global hair transplant clinic in Delhi gives you a proper and permanent treatment guarantee of the best hair growth. You will get the best result after getting the treatment from the hair loss treatment clinic in Delhi. Even no need to worry about safety and security because the Panacea Global hair transplant clinic gives you proper safety with the fully sanitized clinic. 

Our surgeons provide the lowest possible fees for the most advanced hair transplant surgery to ensure that almost everyone can afford the benefits of full, natural-looking hair. In their presence, everybody needs to be assured.

Hair transplant cost: We've got 2 EMI options: 

EMI on Credit Card: This option includes no down payment and 12 months of a monthly EMI of Rs. 5999. The negative of this scheme, once the amount is cleared, your card cap must surpass the amount of the surgery and will be blocked. 

EMI with Let's MD: For this option, you don’t need a credit card. Just a down payment of 1 to 3 months, depending on the tenure of the loan. Your necessary papers, such as UID, PAN Card, Bank Statement, Salary Slips, Agreement on Electricity Bill/Rent.

Hair transplant charges must be dependent upon the hair you are moving. Hair transplant treatment sessions can take 4 hours or more. You need up to 3 to 4 sessions as per your hair desire. Sessions occurred several months for completely recovered to allow each transplant. The grafts produced in this way differ in size and form. Round shaped punched grafts typically contain around 10-15 hairs. There are about two to four hairs in the much smaller mini-graft; and the micro-graft, one to two hairs. Slit grafts contain about 4 to 10 hairs each which are inserted into slits created in the scalp and strip grafts are long and thin that contain 30-40 hairs.