Does FUE Hair Transplant Surgery On Women Work Same As On Men?

When it comes to balding and major hair loss, it is mostly the men we come to think of. However, balding in women is a practical issue, though not spoken of too much. One of the reasons for that is that the balding pattern in women and men is different and women with longer hair can go on camouflaging the balding area for longer duration than men. This, though, does not reduce the problem. So, what are the options when it comes to women hair restoration? Are the processes different in case of women than in men? Do the procedures produce different result? Let’s find out!

Practically speaking, the hair transplant surgery has the same effect on women as it has on men. There is no difference whatsoever. Whether you are opting for FUE or FUT the result will be the same. So, what changes? The issue with women with long hair is that the place will have to be shaved before performing the procedure. With women having long hair this can be a problem. However, that is an inconvenience that you will just have to go through in order to gain in future.

While we are talking about hair transplant surgery in women, there is a debate about the best process to be followed as well. FUT or FUE Hair Transplant uses skin patch from a different location of the body and implants it into the bald patch region. This process takes lesser time, is less costly and supposedly has a shorter recovery time, depending upon the length of the hair surrounding the region. However, the process needs surgical removal of skin and thus will result in a scar, which might be temporary. For any woman, risking a scar might not be an option.

The other option for hair transplant surgery is the FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction. This removes the hair along with root from one region and replaces it in the balding area. The recovery time is high and the process also might take multiple sittings to be completed. The price is high as well. But there is no resulting scar. Also, the process can be used to modify the hairline to large extent. Thus, keeping in mind the resulting beauty of the process, FUE certainly is a better process.

Hair loss and balding can happen due to a number of reasons.  Balding affects women too. It is time to get the right cosmetic surgery done.