In every discipline, especially the medical one, advancements are a must. Similarly, the hair transplant market has seen a lot of developments and inventions, which has helped the surgery become a major success. Hair transplant is the best and most effective solution to hair loss which offers permanent results with absolutely natural looks. Therefore, the hair transplant procedure is really worth your time and money as it is a one-time investment for experiencing a great change in your life.

Technique for hair transplantation: FUT and FUE are the two fundamental techniques used in hair transplant operations. These approaches are classified according to how grafts are harvested and are detailed as follows:

FUT Hair transplant technique: Hair grafts are harvested individually using the FUT procedure, which involves taking a strip from the donor area and dissecting it to collect individual hair grafts. Hair transplants are collected and implanted to the recipient's bare spot.

FUE hair transplant technique: The location of the hair's root is presumed, and then the punch is inserted to pull the hair follicle blindly, which increases the risk of hair damage. Hair grafts are removed and implanted in the recipient spot.

One of the most significant drawbacks of FUE hair transplantation is that the hair follicles are harvested by removing them from the underlying scalp skin. Once the requisite number of hair follicles have been removed, they are successfully transplanted to the bald area of the recipient.

Hair transplants retrieved by pulling pressures are more susceptible to injury and must be transplanted as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the minimal out-of-body duration following the FUE procedure is in hours, causing hair graft degradation. The quick harvest and early implantation approach was developed to address this problem.

Is it possible to overcome the restrictions of FUE with a rapid harvest and early implantation technique?

Slits are made at the recipient site before the hair grafts are extracted in this approach. The hair transplants are then retrieved and instantly implanted into the slit that has been made. This procedure cuts the hair grafts' time out of the body to about half an hour. However, because this treatment pulls hair follicles out, it cannot completely eliminate hair graft damage. Nonetheless, this procedure has a distinct benefit over traditional FUE.

On the other hand, the FUT hair transplant process has no such problem because the hairs are extracted by dissecting the excised strip under extreme magnification. Because the hair follicles are not pulled, the collected hair grafts can successfully have an out-of-body time of 8–9 hours without causing any damage.

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