Why Should You Opt For FUE Hair Transplant?

When it comes to hair transplant treatments, there are multiple options available. However, it is a fact that hair transplant is seen as the last option by any person suffering from progressive hair fall and balding issues. The reason, quite clearly, is the cost factor involved with hair transplant processes. There is also not much information available in this regard and people are unaware of the available options and the comparative pros and cons of the various surgical procedures. The result of it all is that people need to trust the doctor blindly and go for the treatment as suggested.

Today we will discuss about the available hair transplant options and which is the best taking every factor into consideration. Let us begin with the names of the hair transplant processes employed at present. They are FUT or Follicular Hair Transplantation, and FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction. Both follow different approach towards the same solution.

FUT involves taking a skin sample from a region on the body that has got healthy and dense hair growth. This skin is then replaced on the bald patch and natural hair growth takes place thereafter. This process includes minor surgical method and leaves a scar in the region from where the skin was taken. However, it is said that the scar disappears after about 2 weeks. This process is cheaper and takes less time. Thus, doctors also generally suggest this method to the patients. Fact is this process cannot give high precision result.

FUE hair transplant involves taking the hair along with the root from other parts of the body and implanting it in the bald region. This is mostly a manual process and taken time. Depending upon the extent of baldness the patient might have to get multiple appointments. Naturally the cost is also higher. However, the result is extremely high quality and it looks perfectly natural. The precision is extremely high. With robotics developments this process has also become quite fast. Since there is no skin removal, there is no chance of leaving a scar behind.

Having said all the above points, the base line is the success of hair transplant depends upon the doctor. The precision of the work is based on the skill of the doctor. Thus, choose the right hair transplant clinic. Make sure the doctor has experience with both FUT and FUE hair transplant before you sign up.