Hair loss in various kinds has become a common worry in today's environment. Diffuse hair loss is a common source of anxiety and worry in those who suffer from it, prompting a variety of hair fall treatments in Delhi, including a number of home remedies.

1- Androgenetic alopecia, commonly known as male and female pattern hair loss: A hormone prevalent in both males and females is responsible for this form of hair loss. As a result, the size and diameter of the object are reduced (a process of miniaturization). This type of hair loss is usually slow, and the patient will not complain of significant hair loss, but rather of thinning and/or loss of hair in a certain pattern over months or years, which varies across males and females. Almost all men suffer from androgenetic alopecia, and early therapy is crucial for hair loss treatment and maintenance.

2- Telogen effluvium (diffuse hair loss): This terrifying hair loss is caused by an injury to the body, such as crash diets, fever (typhoid, dengue, chikungunya, etc. ), straightening or rebonding, surgery, mental stress, or childbirth. 3-4 months after the insult, hair on the pillow, diminishing ponytail, clumps of hair in the shower drain, and rubber band are all common concerns. The good news is that "acute telogen effluvium" is self-limiting, meaning it goes away in a matter of weeks to months. Hair fall therapy is recommended because the patient is concerned about the amount of hair loss.

3- Alopecia areata: Alopecia areata is characterized by sudden hair loss in a localized area, which is usually spherical and completely bald. A few thin standing hairs can be visible in the area on occasion. Because this is an autoimmune disease that affects both the hair follicles and the pigment-producing cells within the follicle, white hair may occasionally appear alongside the black hair. Hair fall treatment for this disease is promising, with the exception of a few obstinate cases, and most cases result in hair regrowth and repigmentation.

Dr. A's Clinic (the top hair transplant clinic in Delhi) provides hair fall therapy in the following ways, depending on the patient's condition, severity, and goal:

1- Serums, solutions, and other related substances are used in medical treatment.

2- Procedural – 

3- Intralesional injections for alopecia areata

4- Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) – This hair loss treatment is a hybrid of medical and surgical approaches. The patient's blood is extracted, and the platelet-rich segment is separated from the remainder of the blood using centrifugation before being injected into the scalp. At Dr. A’s Clinic, we use cutting-edge technology to make the procedure almost painless for our patients.