Finding The Right And Safe Hair Transplant Treatment For Better Hair

Thick and beautiful hair is every person’s dream. While not all suffers from issues like alopecia or baldness, people do opt for cosmetic surgery to have a better hairline or to get a better and thicker hair texture. The question arises as to how much is the cosmetic surgery safe? Is it an option anyone can opt for? Are there any risks involved? Let us check out facts.

Every person has some fear about going under the knife. Whether it is a major surgery or a minor one, the fear of it going south and creating more complications is always there in the mind of the people. When it comes to cosmetic surgeries, the fear of the unknown is even greater. One of the major reasons is the little to no information available about the procedures involved. Today we will tell you about the two advanced and widely used methods for hair transplant.

Whenever you opt for hair transplant, your doctor will present to you two different surgical options available – Follicular Hair Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The two methods use quite different approach in terms of introducing new hair follicles in the scalp region.

FUT uses the process of skin strip harvesting. The idea is simple, use the skin strip of an area of the skin with high hair growth and then plant the skin strip from this area on the bald area. However, as is quite clear from the process, the area from where skin strip has been harvested remains scarred. It is said that the scar heals within two weeks in most cases, though.

The other process, FUE, uses hair follicles along with the hair and roots intact are taken from one site and implanted on the balding region. This is a manual process in most cases but grants a much better and natural looking result. Since the process involves repeated extraction of hair with roots and introduction of the hair in the desired area, this is a rather slow process and might require multiple sittings. However, FUE is a much better choice if you are looking for a result that is perfect and natural looking. It also does not leave any scar on any part of the body.

Hair transplant is a costly affair no doubt. But, when it comes to having a beautiful and attractive hairstyle, the process is worth every penny spent.