Reasons and Stages of Female Pattern Baldness


Female Pattern Baldness is a particular type of pattern baldness that occurs because of certain genetic factors. This is connected to the genes so it is very difficult to tackle it. It is also known as androgenic alopecia or androgenetic alopecia. Get the best Male Pattern Baldness Treatment in Lajpat Nagar.

Although both genders pattern baldness disease usually affects the people in the old ages now pattern baldness is seen hitting females of age in '20s. The matter of concern is serious because it is increasing at a rapid pace. Get a cure of Female Pattern Baldness Treatment in Lajpat Nagar.

Fortunately, there is Male and Female Pattern Baldness Treatment easily available in the market. Before tackling this we must know about what pattern baldness is and what are its causes? 

Female Pattern Baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia is hereditary and occurs in females usually in the late 50s. In simpler terms, baldness in females starts after their menopause and that is the reason why scientists believe that certain hormonal changes are responsible for female pattern baldness. Doctors may suggest a range of therapies for medications which are important to follow very closely to see the best results.

The key difference between male and female pattern baldness is that, while the male pattern baldness follows in M shape, in the female's pattern baldness is more diffuse. It usually starts at the parting line of the hair and gradually affects the entire scalp.

The hair surrounding the parting line starts to fall gradually and is followed by thinning of hair all over the scalp. Female Pattern Baldness follows a Christmas tree-like shape.

Doctors use different classifications to describe this type of baldness. Stages in the type of alopecia:-

The first stage starts with a simple hair loss of hair from the parting. It is so minimal that you won't be able to notice it. A lot of women do not realize that they are suffering from female alopecia because the rate of hair loss is not severe.

It starts with the gradual thinning of hair at the parting area. Generally, the women tend to think that it is just normal hair loss and try to hide it by using certain hair styling techniques to cover the bald area.

In the 2nd stage a greater volume of hair starts losing from the scalp. However, the affected area remains relatively small. There is a visible widening of the hair parting line, and at this time women cannot tell that they are losing their hair in a massive amount.

The condition becomes really serious because if the women ignore it and the laser medical treatment then the condition may jeopardize and make the hair lose more aggressively. 

In the third stage the hair loss happens in a more diffused way throughout the scalp. We also come to see a thing of hair from all the parts of the scalp. Once a patient enters the recovery, it takes a longer time and the hair growth becomes even more difficult.

Now for the readers who belong to the age group of 20’s, they will be wondering what are the chances for a woman to get female pattern baldness at their age.

Female Pattern Baldness in the 20s is uncommon if not rare. Usually, female alopecia does not start before the age of 50 this is the time that women encounter their menopause. Androgens that are responsible for male pattern baldness may also play a significant role in female pattern baldness. Certain medical conditions like the growth of tumors or lifestyle choices like excessive smoking will lead to female pattern baldness at a very young age.