Points to Remember When Consulting a Hair Transplant Doctor

Points to Remember When Consulting a Hair Transplant Doctor

The thinning of the beautiful wavy hair on your head is a common cause of concern for most men and women. The best practice on experiencing such a depressing scenario is to consult a physician or dermatologist, who may refer you to a specialist hair transplant doctor if deemed necessary.

In any case, you may consider the following points when going for such a consultation.

  • Ensure that your evaluation is conducted by a qualified physician who specializes in the hair transplantation process, not some ‘technician’ or ‘assistant.' A general query solving discussion is okay with such people; but in case of a serious problem, you should only consult the medical expert
  • Enquire about the percentage of patients the doctor recommends for hair transplant surgery. In case the percentage is high, you may consider a second opinion. Most hair loss patients may not be good surgical candidates; this may be due to younger age or medical factors which warrant medication treatment instead of transplant.
  • Make sure you receive a thorough medical examination with the right instruments. This includes a Densitometer (for checking hair density) and a scalp assessment for laxity (looseness)
  • Ensure that you are comfortable with the hair transplant doctor; that he is listening to your concerns and answering your queries
  • Hair transplant surgery is a long-term cosmetic solution; so be sure that your doctor is considering all possible outcomes of your hair condition aesthetically 10 or 20 years down the line

So, trust your gut feeling and do some research before going under the knife!

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