Types Of Hair Transplant And Their Techniques

We love our looks, and most of us do not want to lose our hair because of unhealthy hair on the scalp. However, when one encounters a significant hair fall during the shower in the morning or before sleeping at night, they find it highly disappointing. A hair transplant surgery is an appropriate solution for lost hair and baldness patterns. There are many types of hair transplants, and different techniques are followed to comprehend certain operations. You should understand the risks and results of specific procedures thoroughly. A decent education about operations and methods will help you decide on a hair transplant. Panacea Global Hair and Skin services offer advanced techniques for overcoming the problem of hair loss.

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Many clinics have started offering specific hair transplant techniques. Such treatments are getting advanced with time and provide the best results, natural-looking hair, even in a single hair transplant session. These are highly advantageous to people having baldness problems.

How to know if you have Hair Fall?

According to research done in higher institutions, there is about 100000 Hair on every individual's head, and it is usual to lose 50 to 100 hair grafts every day. 9 out of 10 fallen hair starts to regrow with time. However, if you are having hair loss and encountering shrinking of the scalp, you might like to seek a hair transplant option. The Top Hair Transplant in Delhi would be appropriate to deal with this problem.

What is a Hair Transplant:

Hair transplants involve transplanting grafts taken from the backside or near the ear to the Bald area. It sounds straightforward but requires heaps of precision and skill to do such a transplant. Type of hair transplant, technique, the surgeon's expertise and clinic are some factors that can affect your desired outcome.

Let us discuss some types and techniques of a hair transplant:

FUE Hair Transplant:

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They follow Follicular unit extraction, an advanced technique that is better than other techniques. 

This technique extracts the follicular unit without removing the tissue strip from the donor area. At their clinic, you get two types of FUE treatments: bio FUE and Maximum Density Follicular Implant. 


It is an advanced technology followed by highly proficient surgeons.

Hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area with an instrument specifically designed for this technique. Hair grafts are directly transplanted to the affected areas.

Other Types Of Hair Transplant Procedures:

Robotic Hair Transplant:

It is an AI-assisted technique with the least pain. Mechanical components are utilised in this treatment, such as a robotic arm and small dermal punches.

It involves 3-D imaging and is extremely fast compared to a FUE and FUT.


Follicular unit transplant is an outdated technique.

It involves cutting a strip of scalp that consists of grafts with one or two follicles and implanting it into the affected area.

It requires cutting glands, muscles, nerves and hair veins, which is more demanding and requires more time to heal.