Did You Know About 5 Things That Affect The Hair Transplant Success

A hair transplant is a natural compliment to a person's looks. People who are affected by hair loss or baldness patterns can benefit from this procedure. A successful hair transplant can enhance a person's personality and confidence. Every day, Hair transplant techniques are advancing. Furthermore, gaining your lost hair is no longer a pie in the sky; thanks to hair transplantation procedures, one can seek Panacea Global Hair and Skin Services for a Hair Transplant in India.

As we discussed earlier in the last blog, there are two types of hair transplant techniques. The first one is Follicular Unit Transplantation which is considered outdated, but people still go for such treatments because it is cheap. The next is Follicular Unit Extraction, an advanced method requiring less time to heal the operated area and more success rate. These procedures can reduce mental pressure regarding looks as well as make people's dreams come true. A hair transplant with a higher success rate requires proper planning. These days many treatments are prevalent among people who are concerned with their hair. 

Let us mention some factors to consider before a hair transplant.

Evaluation and planning of the procedure:

A Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi understands the right approach to ensure successful treatment. The expert does an analysis of the patient's scalp and the current health of their hair. By understanding the pattern of hair loss, a surgeon can appropriately place the grafts to provide natural outcomes.

It is crucial because not every person has the same reasons for hair fall. According to the patient's condition, a surgeon can recommend a suitable treatment method for them.

Proficient staff:

You would be more satisfied with the results if you choose the best medical specialist for surgery. Advanced Surgical methods require precision and skill to operate instruments. The MDFI and bio FUE are microscopic surgical procedures. This way, the proficiency and experience of medical staff and surgeons are fundamental to consider before a Hair Transplant. You can seek surveys and feedback about doctors, before and after pictures and videos of surgery. 

Suitable method:

Another thing you should consider is if the clinic has the latest technological infrastructure and procedures such as Transplant techniques, FUT and FUE. Furthermore, there are more advanced technologies and procedures that are mainly inspired by these two techniques. One can find out Hair Transplant Cost in India by evaluation on Panacea’s Website.

  • FUT:

This procedure revolves around cutting strips of skin with follicles and hair vessels, nerves from (Doner) back or sides of the skull and is implanted into bald areas.

  • FUE:

Every unit of hair follicles is collected from the scalp area separately in this technique. This has become a standard because many clinics have stopped following FUT treatment.

Storage time:

At a good hair transplant Centre, the grafts are extracted from the donor area or stored for a minimum time to ensure better results. Moreover, these are kept in suitable environments.

Taking care of your scalp and hair:

Usually, from 2 to 3 weeks after surgery, more than 50% of your hair starts to grow, and within half a year of transplant, hair will start to grow full. During these times, you should take care of your scalp and hair to ensure a successful full hair transplant.