Which Transplant will be the Best for my Hair Loss Problems

The problem of hair thinning can advance from many reasons, for example, a polluted environment or stress. In this era of advancement, men and women start to face hair loss problems from a young age. It is found in the receptors that people who feel stressed tend to lose their hair. Consequently, stress is one of the most significant regions of balding. A Hair Transplant in Delhi is often considered one of the best sources for overcoming baldness.

These days there are many treatments selected by people to overcome hair loss, problems, such as restoration processes, and medications. Nevertheless, these treatments only provide a temporary solution for search problems. This is why only advanced methods provide long, lasting results. Transplantation methods, such as FUE and FUT are considered by people who have such difficulties.


There are mainly two types of hair transplant methods available and followed by most clinics.

The first one is FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation:

In this method, the surgeon cuts a strip from the scalp where many follicular units are existing. After cutting the strip, a skilled surgeon then harvests as many follicular units as he or she can and then puts them in the area affected by baldness. This is a significantly invasive treatment and leaves scars on the head.

Follicular Unit Extraction:

FUE is a technique where individual hair follicles are collected one follicular individual unit at a time using an extraction equipment. FUE is performed on a patient’s scalp, using a fine surgical technique that allows for individual hair grafts to be collected one at a time. It is the hair restoration technique that allows us to restore natural looking hair with no limitations. It is performed to remove individual hair grafts at the root level. This provides most of the advantages of strip (or punch) surgery, with one less recovery step.

FUT is now referred to as an outdated procedure. That is why top clinics prefer their patients to get FUE. Clinics like Panacea have even developed the latest forms of FUE transplant. These proved more effective results compared to FUT.

We offer the Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi who has completed more than 5000 successful operations in the past years. This is why Panacea has been counted as one of the best facilities to overcome your hair loss Solution. MDFI and Bio FUE are two of the most effective and relatively inexpensive procedures. Let us learn about MDFI.


Many creative treatments exist today to help people with baldness, but the most successful are maximum-density follicular implants. In addition to improving hair follicle germination, follicular units allow for the formation of a lot of new hair follicles at the same time. There are numerous benefits associated with donor site transplants, including the fact that they are minimally invasive, nearly painless, do not cause bleeding or scarring, and facilitate faster recovery of the donor site. Surgeons can also harvest hair from multiple areas of their body, including their chest and beard, using this method, which is less prone to follicle damage during harvest, permits a faster recovery, and allows for a faster recovery process.

The FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi varies according to some factors, such as the number of sessions required to overcome baldness. It also depends on the area affected by baldness, and the number of grafts required for treating a person.