4 Hair Transplant Myths Busted

In this blog by Panacea, we will look into some myths and provide reasons to challenge them. 

Only men can have hair transplants:

This is an extremely prevalent myth among people. But in reality, both men and women can have a hair transplant if they are feeling hair, loss, or problems. However, balding patterns in both men and women are different, which is why in most cases men are affected by baldness. Moreover, some even argue that hair transplants are more effective for women because they keep long hair. Consequently, they can style their transplanted hairs better, and get their lost confidence back with the health of a hair transplant.

The effectiveness of FUE hair transplants is outstanding in both men and women. However, you need a skilled surgeon to get your hair transplant done successfully. A Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi has to be found to get a successful operation. It is usually conducted by a surgeon and a dermatologist who can evaluate the scalp before selecting the patient.

You don't need to nourish your hair after a successful hair transplant:

This is incorrect and misleading. Nobody should believe this statement. The fact is that you cannot prevent the problem of hair fall only with the help of a hair transplant treatment. Instead, you need to take care of your transplanted hair regularly so that you can maintain them for a long time. The patients should not neglect the nourishment part. He or she must take regular medicines, recommended by the doctor, and creams that can help them keep their hair strong. The patient should not take those tablets which can worsen the condition of their transplanted hairs. Moreover, they should also stay away from stress!

Hair transplant instant outcomes:

No therapy can guarantee instant results. The first step toward an effective hair transplant is to have reasonable expectations. It takes 4-7 months after surgery to detect regular hair growth. In certain situations, the time might last up to a year or more. It is usual for patients to have hair loss during the impact of the sleeping phase. After all, it requires a while for a properly anchored root to emerge that offers natural-looking results and merges in seamlessly with your current hair follicles.

Is the hair restoration surgery painful?

The most recent or sophisticated procedures, such as MDFI, have transformed the situation. Patients would not feel any pain or discomfort with current hair transplant surgeries. When the bandaging is removed following the operation, you may suffer slight pain and discomfort, which will subside within 48 hours.

You can find the best Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi at our facility who is skilled as well as professional with years of experience. Since we follow only the latest techniques to transplant hair such as Bio FUE and MDFI we hired only highly qualified surgeons in the field.

Now, let's get to the myth about Hair Transplant Side Effects that have prevailed among people for years. There are many myths in the market regarding side effects that patients face during and after a hair transplant, let's explore them.