Questions To Ask Before Choosing a Hair Transplant Surgeon

A good hair transplant surgeon is your best option if you are looking for transplant. However, not everyone knows the right place to look in or the right questions to ask when considering picking a surgeon. Hair loss can be quite embarrassing for a lot of individuals who may be suffering to a great degree. Hence, people usually just confide in their friends or their general physician initially. If you are suffering from an alarming rate of hair loss leading to balding, you may want to consider going to your local dermatologist. He or she will be able to refer you to a surgeon who can further diagnose your problem and assist you with treatment.

Ask these simple questions before you zero down on a hair transplant surgeon:

Do you have a good reference?

Often, friends or family who may have gone through the same ordeal and have had successful treatments may be able to help you with recommendations. You may want to consider the doctors they have visited to see if it works out for you too. Do not just go by a word-of-mouth approach but rather do your own research.

Does the surgeon have pictures to show?

Successful as well as professional surgeons often archive before and after pictures of their patients to show their future clients. Ask the surgeon if you can take a look at any such pictures. Through these photographs you can get a fair idea about the success rate of the surgeon. He should be able to produce at least 10 pictures if he claims to be one with experience.

Was your initial meeting convincing?

Usually doctors ask you to visit their office for an initial consultation to be able to determine the extent of damage and also to talk to you about your expectations. Trust your instincts when you go for the consultation and see if you feel comfortable with this doctor. If you do not feel comfortable there are other options to look at.

What is his specialization?

The two most popular methods of treatment used by any good hair transplant surgeon in Delhi are Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). A surgeon may specialize in either both these methods or at least one. Ask questions to your surgeon about his specialization and any other questions that you may have.