Applying Hair Treatment According to Your Hair Type

Applying Hair Treatment According to Your Hair Type

Step into a hair salon; you will be denuded with a list of the various treatments your hair needs, according to the resident hair experts. You need to stop and think whether all these treatments are going to benefit your hair. In this context, it might be pertinent to know the different types of hair treatment that work best if applied according to the type of hair. 

Normal to Dry Hair

A ‘normal’ hair is healthy and strong, has agood shine and has not been subject to harsh chemicals. To keep your hair in this state for a longer term, use the concentrated moisture hair treatment once a week. Its deep conditioning nature and moisturizing properties return the lost moisture and make your hair look healthy and shiny. 

Damage-Prone, Soft Hair

People who love to color their hair, spend time outdoors and have soft, brittle hair, it becomes dull and rough. For such hair, more care is needed in the form of intense moisturizing and smoothening care. This treatment is best received twice or thrice in a week, coupled with herbal strengthening serums.

Curly, Afro-style Hair

Although this type of hair rarely loses its form and bounce, you need to take care of the frizzies and the curls on a regular basis. Get a nourishing hair treatment twice in a week along with intense hair conditioning to keep your hair frizz-free and shiny.

Thus, armed with knowledge about which treatment is best for your hair type, take your pick of treatments and show some love to your hair!

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