Hair Restoration Treatment – Answer to Your Hair Loss Problems

Owing to the breakthroughs in the hair restoration treatment, people all over the globe are quickly getting the desired help with hair loss and balding. Although treatment is not restricted to only those suffering from an embarrassing situation like balding and severe loss of hair, the majority of the patients are from this group. Today hair restoration or any kind of hair treatment is adopted by different types of people, even those who have a head full of hair. Some want to change their hairline, some may want to get help with baldness while someone else may be looking for simple hair loss treatments.

Treating hair loss

Most people may associate hair loss with old age but this is not true. Hair loss can affect people of various age groups. Hair restoration treatment in Delhi offers variety of options including medications as well as surgery. You need a specialized doctor to tell you what is causing you hair loss. You may need to undergo treatment depending on the diagnosis. This treatment could be the use of medications or surgery. However, some medication can cause certain side effects like irritation of the scalp, or unwanted hair growth as well as a rapid heart rate. Some hair loss medications may also be responsible for a diminished sex drive or may be the cause of prostate cancer.

When it comes to surgery there are two very prevalent methods used:

  • The Follicular Unit Transfer (FUT) – This is also known as strip harvesting where the surgeon removes a strip of the skin with hair attached to it from the donor region. The doctor then closes the donor site using the trichophytic closure process. This strip is further divided into follicular units which are then prepared into grafts. These grafts are implanted onto the affected region.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): In this treatment hair follicles are directly collected from the donor region with the help of a specialized instrument. The extracted follicular units are made into grafts and finally transplanted to the affected region in the patient’s site.

Look for a reliable doctor with experience and a good treatment center with which the doctor is affiliated. Treatment is quite expensive and hence it is very important that you find a clinic that will take proper care of your requirements. Often, clinics offer free consultation. You may want to find such clinics that houses experienced doctors.