Effect of Surgical Hair Transplantation

Baldness and hair loss are most common disease, which is due to hormonal deficiency or generic problems, there is also the main reason, which is stress, most of the person is suffering from stress and this is because hair falls at the premature age of the person. There is also a problem, which is related to the woman that is hair thinning. Hair thinning means there is one or two hair in each follicle of hair. The procedure of Hair transplant is common now which is an effective process to restore the hair long lasting and it is a successful procedure to regain hair from baldness or hair loss. The effect of hair plantation is different from one person to another person, but it is quite a useful and good way to remove baldness.

In every surgery, there are many types of pros and cons things happen because surgery always varies from one another. However, Hair transplantation has also some good or bad effects during surgery or post surgery. There is also a debate point about the hair transplantation, whether it has a long lasting effect or not or re-growth of hair or not. There is some Benefits or side effect of hair transplant surgery, which are given below:

Benefits of Hair Transplant -

  • Long lasting effect process- the procedure of hair transplantation has many stages; there are many phases to transplant the hair in many stages.  After completing the process of hair plantation there is no need to repeat the process again. Due to many stages on this surgery, it is more costly and more effective than other treatment of hair regrowth process, which has no effective result.  There is also no need of any medication or any therapy. Thus, it is a good way to transplant the hair for long lasting effect.
  • Regrowth of hair in the process of hair transplant, natural follicle of hair is used to transplant on the head due to natural hair follicle it means it is real to regain the hair and works naturally. This is not a temporary process of transplanting of hair, within six or eight months after the completing of hair transplantation treatment, hair can grow on losing the area of the head.

Side Effects of Surgery -

There is also some side effect of hair transplantation

  • Sometimes the follicle of hair may infect and cannot give proper result.
  • Sometimes loss of hair transplant is also happening in some of the cases.
  • There is also some inching problem may happen after completing the process and sometimes swelling of the scalp may be seen.
  • Due to the use of local anesthesia, sometimes, some patients also experience numbness of scalp.
  • Sometimes some unnatural hair transplant on the head, which is quite not good to see.
  • As grow of new hair then hair follicle of hair die, there is a bump is seen on transplantation are of head.
  • In the hair transplant process, the redness is also a side effect some time it does not go, it looks like a scar, which is also not good to see.

Thus, there is all benefits and side effect of hair transplant, so before going to hair transplant, one should know all side effect and benefits of hair transplantation. The process of this type of surgery is done in many stages. Even though, once the hair transplantation surgery is completed, there is no need for redoing it in any case. Thus, it makes this treatment a great cost effective method. So, you don’t have any specific reason to take regular medicines for the remaining results. Ultimately, a hair transplant process provides you long term benefits.