It Begins At Home: Home Remedies To Follow Along With Meds!

People with no knowledge of the advancements in the field of medicine often discourage people regarding their hair loss problem. They would say that Hair Loss Treatment is seemingly impossible, and all the market products that are proposing a treatment for the loss of your curls are only selling you dupes. While they are not exactly dupes, the problem with these products is that once the course is over and you stop using it, your issues will sprout its head from the surface once again. However, this problem can be dealt with if you look after your mane using the ingredients at home. By using common elements from your kitchen like oils, green tea and by shifting your food habits, you can easily counter the loss of follicles. That would be so much better than drug-induced changes since these remedies do not affect your health. So along with the drugs you need to try some remedies that can boost the effects of the drugs and can encourage the growth of the follicles.

Foods to the Rescue

There are some foods like Green Tea and fish which are essential in countering the loss of follicles. Tofu, Japanese food, has also been the source of an effective counter to the loss of tresses. An effective Hair Loss Treatment is also possible if you consume brown rice regularly since it has the necessary nutritional components that can reduce such problems. It is no surprise that Japan, the country that has all these foods as their staple diet, has experienced the least amount of this problem over the years. However, you should always eat fat-free fish instead of the fatty fishes. The more cholesterol you consume, the more your hair will suffer.

Oils Are Necessary

Essential oils work wonderfully in countering hair loss problems since they strengthen your hair from the roots and ensure that the Hair Loss Treatment is not a temporary phenomenon. So, create a mix of two essential oils like sesame oil and lavender oil and then apply the mixture on your scalp. Rub well and then rinse it off with water after half an hour. Do not use hot water. Also, massage your scalp for at least 10 minutes so that all the bad oils get removed from the scalp, and blood circulation becomes naturalised. Then, nutrients will reach the necessary points quickly, and that can help in reducing the chance of hair roots getting destabilised.