Treat Your Scalp Medically To Restore Your Gorgeous Hair

The scalp is the source of all hair problems, unlike the tresses itself. While you may find it hard to believe, a visit to any physician will tell you that the weaker, the more fragile your scalp is, the more likely it is going to become the source of your hair loss. So, fixing your scalp and getting rid of the problems up there is necessary to constitute a permanent solution for these problems. Hence, among the many options for Hair Restoration, the most efficient one would be the ones that target the scalp as the source of such issues.

Scalp Reduction and Expansion

Before beginning the discussion, it is important to know that this method is more suitable for men who grow bald spots on their heads with age and this can be solved using these two techniques very quickly. The reduction process removes baldness from your head, and then, the scalp edges are drawn closer and closer. That reduces the bald area considerably and then lets the follicles grow on the remaining part as a process of Hair Restoration. However, the scalp expansion technique works differently. Here, you get a balloon-like device that helps expand the areas of growth for the follicles, and that contributes to making the scalp look fuller than usual. This device is inserted along the sides under the scalp. It stretches the skin and lets it expand in size and then you can use donor strips to restore the follicles as necessary.

Scalp Flap

This method is a bit different from the two discussed. Here, the bald areas on your scalp are completely removed, and hair growing scalp replaces the removed part. These strips can help in fixing the growth issue immediately, and what’s more, these pieces can be rotated, and that will assist in fitting the bald area more naturally. So, if your baldness surfaces unevenly, even then this treatment can make the Hair Restoration process look perfectly natural. Depending upon the nature of your baldness, you can modify the treatments and get fantastic results without undergoing any kind of transplantation as such. Take care of your scalps, and your tresses will remain perfect.