Enhance The Growth Of Your Hair With Laser Hair Loss Treatment

Lots of treatments are available for hair loss. Many of them are not clinically approved and do not fruitful. If you are suffering from the problem, there is a highly effective treatment called laser hair loss treatment for enhancing the growth of hair. Let us know some important things of this procedure:

Low-Level Laser Therapy – Effective and Safe Alternative

Low-level laser treatment is also called red light therapy, soft laser, and cold laser. It includes infra-red beams to provide treatments for the different problems. The therapy for hair loss does not include pain and needs minimal time also. It reduces inflammation, enhances blood circulation and growth of hair.

What Type of Baldness can be Treated?

Male and female pattern baldness can be treated with laser therapy. It is a common genetic issue and the most common reason of hair loss in men and women. Male over the age of 40 and women over the age of 65 can suffer from this trouble.

How the Treatment can Work?

A particular wavelength is produced by a light that has specific capacity to get absorbed by the follicles of the strands. The scalp is penetrated by this kind of light and it also stimulates the epidermal steam cells. These are vital to regenerate the follicles. The enhanced blood flow helps to provide the oxygen and nutrients to the follicles.

Metabolism procedure is stimulated by this process. Laser Hair Loss Treatment helps avoid the accumulation of Dihydrotestosterone or DHT in the follicles. DHT can accumulate in the inner roots of the follicles and damages them.

Devices and Time of the Treatment

It is possible to accomplish the therapy at home or a salon. Generally, 2 to 3 sittings per week are suggested. Each session includes 10 to 15 minutes and results can appear after a couple of months. Following devices are required in the process:

  • Hand-held devices
  • Overhead panels or hoods
  • Head caps or bonnets

Enhanced level of DHT can cause baldness problem. By reducing its level, it is effective to enhance the growth of the strands. You may search on the Internet to know more about this process and also how to reduce dihydrotestosterone or DHT.