5 Necessary Facts About The Follicular Unit Extraction Method

When it comes to hair loss, many treatments procedures are there to address the problem. Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is very popular hair transplant treatment. A small round-shaped punch is applied for the extraction of the follicular units from donor place. These strands are then transplanted into the baldness area of the patient. Let us talk about 8 interesting facts that you should know about the process.

Advantages of the Method

There are some advantages of FUE technique. This procedure requires a shorter time of recovery. There is no need to make any stitches or incisions. The therapy has lower risks to develop complications. Not any major scars are found and results are quite natural. In FUT or FUE, scalp reduction is not included. Scalp reduction includes removing a part of the scalp, stitching and stretching it with the rest of the scalp.

How FUE can Work?

Small groups of hair are follicular units. The expert is supposed to harvest a number of units from the donor space with the help of a tool which is called circular punch. A small hole is left after the process so no stitch is required and accordingly no scar is there.

Cost-Effectiveness of the Method

As the results of FUE are long-lasting, it includes the most cost-effective method for hair restoration today. You do not require any special kind of lotions, shampoo, toupees or any other thing. This alternative is a single time investment with long-lasting effects.

Who can Benefit from This?

FUE is a widespread method for the several conditions. It can be undergone to cater an extensive range such as alopecia to male pattern baldness. Women can also undergo this for treating their troubles. Eyelash or elbow transplants are also possible with this. This is even possible on mustache and beard.

What is Meant by Donor Space?

Generally, this place is situated on the back side of the head. Follicular Unit Extraction method is preferred by hair experts to address baldness problems. The hair will grow after the harvesting process is completed.

You may search on the Internet to know more about the process. It will help you craft the appropriate decision to solve your trouble.