Hair Transplant Surgery – Extremely Useful for Restoration of Hair

Are you thinking about Hair Transplant Treatment? This becomes very common in this era. Since hair loss is a big problem for lots of people, this therapy becomes very much helpful. It is indeed in tremendous demand since it is only the real technique for restoration of your natural strands.

What is Meant by Hair Transplant Process?

In this process, the follicles are taken from side and back side of your head. They are replanted surgically into the balding spot. Once transplanted, the hair is not supposed to be lost. They are supposed to last lifetime whereas provides you with a younger look with a complete head of strands.

Advantages over Other Treatments

You can avail some benefits in the Hair Transplant Surgery compared to other procedures. It is the one-time investment so you do not need to buy costly shampoos, gel, and lotions for the rest of the life. There is no need to take any kind of prescription drugs which can create some serious types of side effects. Let us know about the different kinds of treatments:

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE

This is a newer method compared to other treatments. Doctors use to harvest every follicle from the side and back of the head separately. Each of them is transplanted into the baldness area. There is no need to perform any deep surgery or cutting.

Follicular Unit Transplant or FUT

This is one of the most famous therapies to address the issue. It is also known as Follicular Unit Strip Surgery or FUUS or the strip treatment. A narrow part is taken from the back side of the head. Then the grafts are separated from the part and implanted into the area where baldness is there. The donor place is repaired with staples or sutures. These are usually absorbed or removed within a certain time.

Besides this, transplant or scar revision process includes transplantation into the scar line to remove it. Generally, hairs do not grow in the line that is why it is visible. If you are feeling embarrassed due to a bad hair transplant surgery, a right surgeon can fix it using this.