The Evolution of Hair Transplantation Over Seventy Years

The Evolution of Hair Transplantation Over Seventy Years

There has been a tremendous improvement in hair transplantation technology today, and it is very common for people to go for hair transplant. Looking at this immense progress today, it seems difficult to believe that the first hair transplant procedure was done little more than seventy years back. In these seven decades, the technology for Hair Transplant in Delhi and other cities has taken rapid strides, but it would be interesting to take a look at the gradual evolution of hair transplantation.

1952, the first transplant!

The ball was set rolling in 1952, and the scientific and medical community reacted with incredulousness, and there was a lot of debate and discussion regarding it. The technique had been mastered, true, but we were still a long way off from ensuring that the grafted hair actually showed dense growth in the bald areas.

1984, the micros and the minis

For the next three decades, the process kept on getting streamlined till experts came up with a more refined way, with the introduction of mini grafts and micro grafts. Earlier grafts had been of 4 to 5 mm dimensions and contained more hair follicles, but mini grafts (and the even smaller micro grafts) had one or two follicles at most.

1995, FUT

A decade later, the revolutionary follicle unit transplantation was introduced, in which a thin tissue containing hair follicles was transplanted instead of the grafts used earlier.

2002, FUE

As we stepped into the 21st century, the follicular unit extraction process was introduced which still continues to be the most popular method now. Although it has increased the Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi and other cities, but the individual follicles being taken and implanted cause much less pain.

More and more research continues to be done in hair transplantation techniques, and we can be sure that we will see cheaper, less painful and more effective methods in the coming years.

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