Hair Transplant Results After 6 Months

Delhi is becoming the hottest destination for hair transplant. It has become the headquarters for cost-effective medical treatment, modern procedure, and best pre-op care. Due to the rise in the healthcare cost in the western countries, people are preferring to go for hair transplant in India especially Delhi. Many hair transplant clinics in Delhi offer a service as ‘medical tourism package’ which provides facilities accommodation, travel, and sightseeing, along with the finest post-op care. It is mandatory to look for hair transplant results 6 months after the procedure.

Does hair transplant procedure include post-op programme?

Once the hair transplant procedure is over, many clinics offer post-operative programme. As per the programme, the patients are asked to visit the clinic the very next day after the procedure. Some clinics schedule 6-month and 12-month check-up programme to check the progress of the procedure. The consultation charges of these follow up visits are included in the hair transplant procedure of the patient.

What will be the hair transplant result after 6 months?

The hair transplant procedure does not result in overnight change. After 3-4 weeks after the procedure, the hairs present in the transplanted grafts will fall out. The major hair follicle stays fixed on the scalp and will start to grow after 3-4 months after the surgery. The hair regrew blends naturally with the existing hair pattern. Hence, there will be a noticeable Hair Transplant Result after 6 Months. To see complete result of the transplant, the patient will have to wait from a year to 18-months after the surgery.

Hair transplant result after 6 months – Before and After

A surgeon will be taking pictures of the patient’s hair from various angles before the procedure. At the post-operative check-up after 6 months, pictures will once again be taken for comparing with the pre-operative pictures. This is done in order to see the Hair Transplant Result After 6 Months.