Hair transplant is a technique that includes moving the hair follicles from a part of the body of the donor to patient’s balding part of the body. This process is usually conducted to treat the baldness in the males which may be causing because of constant hair loss or poor scalp condition. The follicular unit transplantation is the process by which the hair transplant is done. There are a number of people, who have gone through hair transplant and have witnessed their condition improve indefinitely.

Hair transplant is not just limited to the problems related to the scalp, but it can also cure the permanent hair loss problems or when there is very little hair in a person’s eyebrow, beard, and chest hair. At Panacea Global Hair Services, you will find the team of Best Hair Transplant Doctors in Delhi, who offer the ultimate and the best results in hair transplant. These doctors have never found any patients who were dissatisfied with the treatment they have received.

Beard transplant for a man is possible and if you check this section out, it is possible that you may be facing these problems

Big scars on the face

Must be suffering from alopecia or middle alopecia

Other medical reasons like Cancer

Hair loss due to previously done transplant surgery which might have gone wrong.

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