Is It Safe to Visit a Hair Transplant Clinic After Lockdown

Is It Safe to Visit a Hair Transplant Clinic After Lockdown

Coronavirus is a serious disease that affects the respiratory tract of humans. After its declaration as a pandemic, all the countries of the world started to put a temporary lockdown. During this lockdown, people have to stay in their homes. People are facing trouble due to this temporary lockdown. Lockdown has put many things incomplete for no reason. People with hair fall problems are also facing trouble during the lockdown as the hair transplant clinics are kept closed during this period. Since the lockdown cannot be extended for a longer period, a question arises here is it safe to visit hair transplant clinics after lockdown?

Scientists have stated that coronavirus will stay for a longer period. But due to coronavirus, we cannot ignore personal care. It depends on us, if we take all the precautions, we can stop the spread of coronavirus disease. Also, we cannot say that the post lockdown period is 100% safe for the people. But by taking preventive measures, we can stop its spread.

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How to Avoid the Spread of Coronavirus Disease

  • You have to maintain a social distance of at least 3 feet.
  • Masks are mandatory: The government has mandated the masks for us. It is for our safety. Masks act as protective barriers and stop the spread of the coronavirus infection.
  • Only masks are nor enough: You also have to wear other protective barriers along with masks. These include face shields, gloves, etc. in case you visit any clinic or hospital. Also, you should take a bath when you visit your home.
  • Ignore touching the unnecessary things at the hospitals.
  • If you have any problems related to the respiratory tract, you should discuss it with your hair transplant doctor.

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What We are Doing to Stop the Spread of Coronavirus Disease at our Hair Transplant Clinic

Panacea Global Hair is one of the leading hair transplant clinics in Delhi.We do the following protective measures at our clinics. Have a look:

  • Proper Sanitisation: We properly disinfect our clinic every day multiple times. This sanitization helps us to stop the spread of the coronavirus disease.
  • Sanitizers: All the patients that visit our clinics have to wash their hands after their visit. We mandated this for all the patients. Don’t worry, hand sanitizers and hand wash of well-known brands are available at our clinic.
  • No patient is allowed to visit our clinic without a mask.
  • The hair transplant is done by experienced doctors with all preventive measures for coronavirus infection.

Cost for Hair Transplant

Are you worried about the hair transplant cost in Delhi? Never mind, we will offer all the hair transplant services to our patients at affordable prices.

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