Hair Transplant in COVID 19 at Panacea Global Hair

Coronavirus is a family of viruses that infect the respiratory system of mammals and aves. Along with India, all other countries of the world have been affected by this pandemic. Due to the absence of its vaccine, it is spreading at a fast rate in India and in the world. Therefore, we have to follow all the precautions issued by the WHO and the Government of India to stop it from spreading.

Here, we will discuss what safety precautions Panacea Global Hair is taking to make hair transplants safe for people during COVID 19 period? If you are searching for the clinic for hair transplant in Delhi, you may visit our clinic.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a surgical process to treat alopecia (baldness). In this procedure, the hair follicles from the donor site (where the density of hair is high) are removed and transferred to the acceptor site (bald site on the scalp). Today, FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) are the two most common hair transplantation techniques.

Safety Precautions that We are Taking for Safe Hair Transplant at Our Clinic

Coronavirus infection is a deadly disease. Since it is a communicable disease, any person can easily catch the infection if he does not follow the precautions. The disease is transferred from an infected person to a healthy person via air by coming in contact with the droplets of the saliva of the infected person. Besides this, if a person touches his eyes, nose, or mouth with his hands without washing them, there may be a risk of infection. Therefore, strict steps are taken at our clinic to stop the spread of infection of harmful coronavirus infection.

Thermal Scanning

Thermal scanning is the process of measuring the body’s temperature with the help of a device called a thermal scanner. The device checks the body temperature without coming in contact with a person. Before a patient enters our clinic, he has to undergo this thermal screening test. If we find any type of fluctuations in the body temperature of a patient, we will not allow him to enter our clinic and recommend him to go for the corona test.

Sanitization Facility

Sanitization is the most important step to stop the coronavirus infection from spreading. Therefore, we have made available sanitization facilities at our clinic for patients of Hair Transplantation. After entering the clinic, all the patients have to wash their hands with sanitizer. Moreover, all pieces of furniture are sanitized multiple times a day at our clinic. Besides this, all the door handles, medical equipment, labs, reception, and other rooms, etc. are also sanitized multiple times in a day.

Social Distancing

For now, there is no cure for coronavirus infection. Also, it will take a long time to develop its vaccine. Therefore, we have to maintain social distance to save ourselves and others from catching the infection. By maintaining social distance, the risk of coming in contact with the droplets of the saliva of an infected person is low, hence, the risk of catching an infection is low. At our clinic, we practice social distance. The seating arrangement for patients at our clinic is as per the social distancing rules. We aim to do a safe hair transplant during coronavirus pandemic.

Limiting the Number of Patients

In order to make our clinic safe from coronavirus infection for all patients, we have limited the number of patients in a day. This helps us in maintaining the social distance and lowering the risk of spread of coronavirus disease.

Owing to the position of one of the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi, Panacea Global Hair follows all the necessary instructions to stop the transmission of coronavirus infection at the clinic and to make the hair transplant safe for patients.