Questions to ask to your Hair Transplant Surgeon

There is a lot of data to absorb when considering hair. Transplant process, and so we have outlined several questions for your surgeon to ask you. Our highly experienced Hair Transplant surgeons have also given expert advice.

Is your appointment going to be with a doctor?

It is very important to meet with a properly trained and qualified doctor, not a salesperson. Salespeople should not be involved in planning a surgical operation, nor would they be able to provide you with the exact details of the results you should expect, as each case is different.

Can a trained surgeon carry out the procedure? 

Check the surgeon's professional credentials and ask if they are skilled in microscopic surgery and how many treatments have they carried out?

How much donor's hair is available? 

The amount of donor hair available for transplantation is essential for the success of the surgery. This is a finite and not upwardly flexible number.

Am I too old to transplant my hair?

People usually think that Hair transplant in Delhi is a critical surgery for older people. No, this is wrong. In fact, there is a greater chance of being successful while doing hair transplant because at a younger age the hair loss problem is unpredictable and has a greater chance of being extended in the future. Age is not a major factor for hair transplant surgery. Over a period of time, we also monitor the hair loss of the patient, allowing us to then determine the most appropriate time for a hair transplant operation, permanently restoring the missing hair.

Is FUE Better than FUT Hair Restoration? 

For those who do not want visible scars, FUE is obviously the better alternative. FUE scars are small and oval and FUT scars are often long and linear. Scarring is less evident with FUE because scars are too small as compared to FUT. Panacea Global hair transplant clinic in Delhi both the technologies are available. There are many more hospitals who will not favour one method over another.

The surgeon can cut out a strip of scalp skin from the back of the head through hundreds to thousands of tiny punch incisions. They make small holes with the needle in your scalp that will help to receive the hair transplant. They gently settle down the hair in these holes. A surgeon transplant hundred or thousands of your hair in a first treatment session. This will cover your scalp for a few days after the grafts.FUE hair transplantation result usually starts coming within four to five months. For complete results, It might take one year.

Is the surgery painful?

Surgery is done under anaesthesia and they do not have much pain. Patients can go back to their home on the same day of the surgery and can continue their activities from the next day.

How much cost for a hair transplant?

You will be able to get a quote Hair Transplant cost in Delhi for your operation at your first appointment after your surgeon has been able to take a look at your hair. Make sure you inquire about any options for financing that might be open to you and when payment is due.

Will the outcomes look completely natural?

Treatment of hair transplant results looks very natural. To make it look more natural, a good surgeon can decide the position & the angle of the hair. Every hair follicle is handled separately by the grafting techniques associated with the FUE process, so placement of hair can be controlled and gives you natural-looking, dense hair.