With the continuing advent of hair transplantation, its longevity is the biggest concern. People also wonder what is the assurance that they will not be defied by such hair. Let's just binge on a few basics...

Easy awareness of DHT and how it affects your hair

In a wider sense, The hair follicles at the top of our head are vulnerable to the presence of DHT, thus thin out over time and are lost. The ones at the back of our heads are "relatively insensitive," so stay stronger.

Hair Transplantation Workings

To be inserted in the balding area, the hair roots on the back are removed. It is done with sufficient density and coverage of graft management and you will find yourself young and optimistic again.

So far so good right, But

It is not this. When time passes, transplanted hair is also vulnerable to thinning. This is mainly due to two things; our old friend DHT(rather a frenemy!) and age.

The Principle of Relative insensitivity

DHT, which is created continuously in our body, keeps hair thinning. The DHT blocker Finasteride, approved by the FDA, helps them remain strong and safe. For both non-transplanted and transplanted hair, this is the same as those on the back where DHT is just reasonably disrespectful to recall.

Age Factor

While transplanted hair looks strong and voluminous for many patients after years of a Hair Transplant procedure, it does not hold true for everyone. In transplanted hair as well, thinning can occur.

How 'young' for Hair Transplant is really young

For Hair Transplant, less than 35 years is preferably deemed young. But one wouldn't wait for a head full of hair till then. Because at that stage the extent of thinning is not complete, a doctor's skill in carefully removing only the real permanent hair roots is imperial here. Which seems powerful now, need not be powerful later.

Is old really old enough

The donor of a 40 plus man will also slim as age progresses. Imagine a 70-year-old gentleman with nothing at the top of his head but a decent history of growth. Although decent and still extractable, his donor is not ultimately as good as it was in his 40s. If the donor hair will thin out at the back, the transplanted hair would be like that as it comes from the same spot.

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