All You Should Know About Hair Transplant


Hair Loss problems are increasing day by day at a constant rate. Many people have started indulging in many chemical treatments and hairstyling that have a negative impact on their health. One can have hair in different patterns baldness, hair thinning, or bald patches. These are multiple treatments to treat various kinds of baldness and thinning. If you are looking for a Hair Transplant in Delhi then Panacea Global Hair Services is the best. Many people around the world travel here for hair transplantation. Many people from underdeveloped countries also come here because of hair transplant costs. Hair falls have become a very common issue lately. This might happen due to the problem of increasing population in the environment, climate change, and unhealthy way of living. If you are worried about your hair and want to regain your hair then hair transplantation is the best option for you. 

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is basically a procedure of taking hair from the area that is not affected by the hair fall where there is hair thinning or baldness. On the other hand, hair transplant is moderately more common for a cosmetic course of action to move hair from one part of the scalp to another area that is bald. Once the hair transplant procedure is completed you can see the new hair growth in 9-12 months. The new hair development turns gray and falls just like the matured hair. The prime highlight of hair loss treatment is that it is effective at the later stages of hair loss when all other treatments fail to provide the desired result. The only requirement to undergo a hair transplant treatment is to have a sufficient number of donor sites to transplant hair follicles. 

Types of Hair Transplant

There are two types of Hair Transplant techniques- Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). In FUT the surgeon removes a piece of scalp from the back of the head and closes the area using stitches. Hair Follicles are then removed from this strip to be placed separately in the holes created in the bald spots. 

As against this, FUE is the procedure, the surgeon removes individual hair follicles from the back of the scalp to transplant them to the bald spots. The expert in Panacea Global Hair Services help will choose between these two. They provide a correct suggestion to the patient. 

Panacea Global Hair Services is one of the trusted hair restoration clinics in India. They have a group of experienced doctors and medical assistants committed to serving people facing hair loss problems. Multiple agents such as stress, lack of vitamin B, anemia, lack of protein, etc are the main cause of hair loss. So, only the correct treatment can give you a practical outcome. Panacea Global Hair Services as a Dermatologist and Technologist hub consists of the world’s best doctors and experienced medical staff. The doctors have created an ecosystem where innovative ways are developed to treat a hair-related deficiency as well as scalp irritation. If you are looking for the Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi then Panacea Global Hair Services is the best. They have well-experienced doctors that provide the parties with all the facilities for the patient. Moreover, they also provide the patient with tips on how to take care of their transplanted hair, a proper diet, and also the shampoo they should use after a Hair Transplant. Moreover, they offer a very genuine price for Hair Transplantation. Many people around the world come here for Hair Transplants.