Things To Consider While Getting Hair Transplant Treatment

Initially, people use patchy hair plugs or wigs to overcome their hair loss. The days of wigs are gone now. Nowadays, everyone can enjoy fuller hair or natural-looking hair volume despite hair loss.

Yes, this is possible now with Panacea Global Hair Services. The most renowned service provider of Hair Transplant in Delhi is coming your way to enhancing your confidence and self-esteem.

As we understand, the condition of your hair health is one of the quintessential signs of overall health. Healthy hair denotes your body is releasing sufficient vitamins and minerals.

Sometimes, hair loss can be genetic or because of the use of harsh chemicals or irregular bad habits.

Before getting hair restoration treatment in India, you must think about some pros and cons of it as well as who will be the choice for you.

Are you the perfect candidate for Hair Loss Treatment?

Some people wonder why they are not a suitable contender. This is mainly because of your age, existing health conditions, and availability of donor's hair. One should consult the Hair Surgeon in detail as it may lead to major setbacks.

Is the selected clinic the best option for you?

One might get so many choices for hair transplantation all over the world. Though there are many hair loss treatments techniques and advanced tools, desirable results and success rates most often depend on the Hair Transplant Surgeon. So, look for experienced ones.

What is the cost of a Hair Transplant?

Spending valuable money on the good things is something that all want. Nobody wants to waste their hard-earned money. One must check the cost per graft and how many grafts you require to have natural and fuller hair. 

Moreover, one should compare the cost with other Hair Transplantation Surgeons/Doctors as well as their experience and services so he/she can get the right treatment at the right value.

What kind of treatment should you choose?

Well, nowadays, in the advancement of the digital world and the latest automation, the two most frequently and effectively used techniques are FUE(Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT(Follicular Unit Transplantation). 

FUE is the modern strategy in which every single hair follicle is removed and transplanted whereas, in FUT, an older procedure followed by a strip of donor’s hair is extracted and then transplanted to the balded area. Before choosing the technique, be sure to consult the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon about the pros and cons of these methods as well as which suits you better.

What will be the recovery & result time after Hair Transplantation?

It is noticed that people take almost 2 weeks to heal from the general side effects like swelling & scabbing if one follows all the instructions and guidance given. Doctors often suggest sleeping in an upward position with a straight head and don’t scratch the head. This will help one to recover even faster. 

When it comes to results, Hair Restoration Treatment results are not instant. It depends on the process, care, follow-ups, as well as how many grafts one has inserted. This may take a while, roughly 9-12 months to see the full results. 

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