You might have heard about the hair transplant procedure from one of your friends, and your curiosity could be about knowing about its side effects. Hair is a vital part of your impression. You can not neglect if you are facing hair loss. With hair, you will also start to lose confidence as well. Hair Transplant Side Effects can affect a person differently than others. As they say, nothing is provided for free in life, so there are some complications as well as side effects of hair surgery that you must know about before making your final decision. Here we will talk about the negative effects:

Curly Hair:

Hair curl is a significant risk factor for people seeking to transplant their hair. A follicle that gets damaged during a transplant procedure begins to curl under the skin after the incision heals. This results in ingrown hairs on the scalp. Finding a qualified and experienced Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi can be challenging, but Panacea has got you covered because we have experts with tremendous experience in this field.

Bleeding & Pain

One of the most prevalent FUE HT dangers is bleeding in the days or weeks following the procedure. However, if it persists more than that, consider consulting the doctor. If you choose the FUT procedure, you will undoubtedly endure some pain. In the case of FUE, it is almost non-existent. Our hair experts provide anaesthetic, which significantly lowers pang. However, there is a possibility that discomfort will be felt after the treatment. To deal with this circumstance, we provide our patients with pain relievers.


The scalp can be affected by bacteria if you do not keep yourself away from the dirt and germs. That is why Our dermatologists recommend not to go out in the pollution for about a month.


It is an organic process that means the wounds are healing. So it would help if you refrained from itching your head after transplantation for two weeks.


Mild swelling at the surgical site is a common adverse effect of an HT. It is normal for some irritation and discomfort to occur after hair has been pulled and incisions have been made. So it would be best if you find an experienced Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi. Our surgical specialists will provide medicine to help you be comfortable throughout this time.

Hair Loss and Shock Loss

It indicates that your hair is growing, so do not worry about hair loss because when the circle completes, you will have new hair on your head.

Hair thinning

This was the reason why you chose to transplant your hair in the first place, but it is simply a post-surgery condition for which no measures are required. You will notice your hair's natural thickness in a couple of months. This is one of the usual Hair Transplant Side Effects.


Cysts persist for about 2 to 3 weeks. They usually seem like pimples, but you must consult an expert if they don't go away on their own.

Darkening of eyes

Fluid production on the scalp can occasionally trickle down to the eye, causing eye bruising or even dark eye. This should not be a worry because it will mend in a few days. To overcome this effect, experts suggest sleeping in an inclined posture.


Itching may occur if pimple-like bubbles appear in the recipient area. This should not persist after using a moisturized solution. If you have any other concerns regarding Hair Transplant, you can consult Panacea's expert for honest and befitting advice.

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